Get Exclusive Gold & Silver Assets From 7K Metals Monthly AutoSaver Collection

Nov 3, 2022

7K Metals has some stunning new coins on offer for the month of October -get yours today through their monthly subscription service!

Get Exclusive Gold & Silver Assets From 7K Metals Monthly AutoSaver Collection

Gold and silver are timeless in their value and boundless in their potential for growth - so much so that, for a time, our entire system of commerce was based on those two very metals. The attraction is easy to understand, but it can be difficult to find assets that hold not only intrinsic but also aesthetic value.

7K Metals is here to solve this problem. Their monthly Autosaver program can provide you with stunning gold and silver assets that you will cherish for a lifetime, or at least until you decide to give them a new home with a fellow collector.

To see their October collection, visit

The selection of available coins this month includes State Label Silver Eagle coins, a selection from the MS70 graded State Animal series, and several others.

7K Metals, which rotates its featured collectible on a monthly basis, is offering this selection of minted assets to new subscribers in addition to other benefits. The October collection is available to subscribers to the program alongside a few new a la carte options, purchasable through the 7K Metals shop.

The new collection features designer-minted assets from the likes of Tom Holdman, whose artwork is represented on the Gold Note collectible option. This asset, along with the others in the collection, comes standard with buyer’s and collector’s certification to ensure that they are verifiable.

7K Metals also offers you a range of benefits aside from their monthly collectibles. By subscribing to their basic plan, you will be able to use the SoundMoney Wallet service and coin exchange platform Stack-n-Sell, and gain early access to coin drops and other community events.

If you are interested in the valuation business, you can subscribe for their advanced packages to get premium access to the aforementioned services. Other perks include a subscription to the “Wealth Systems” app, access to exclusive coin collections as well as the opportunity to enroll in business courses intended to educate you on the skills you need to succeed in the precious metals industry.

If you are seeking to display and safeguard the assets you have accrued through the 7k Metals subscription plan, you can take a look at the company's online store, which offers a range of innovative packaging and storage options. You will also find various of valuation and authenticity kits that you can use to further verify the value of your assets.

New participants in the 7K Metals program can find more information on the features that become available on signup at the company's website. A full list of the assets that can be bought from the October collection is also available.

You aren't going to find a service like this anywhere else. No other company can provide you with high-quality gold and silver assets on a monthly basis. If you have been considering collecting minted coins, this is the answer!

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