HODL Randomized Zeus NFT For Web3 Education & Crypto Mentorship Rewards

Jun 1, 2024

When you join the Greek Mythology Club, it’s not just a chance to mint some fantastic Greek god designs. You also get access to HODL perks, ranging from crypto education through to luxury travel!

With the Greek Mythology Club, you're not just minting fun Greek god-themed NFTs (with designs ranging from Zeus to Poseidon.) You're also getting access to a growing collection of HODL rewards – and all you have to do is build and maintain your collection!

Mint your first NFT at https://legacybuildersalliance.com/gmc-registration?ts=084ec01b

Avoid rug pulls through education

Education is a central focal point of the G.M.C rewards program, in large part because the team believes this can help to reduce the risk of falling for scams and rug pulls in the future.

One recent rug pull that caught the attention of the crypto community was AnubisDAO, where investors lost $60 million in ETH overnight. The GMC aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to identify and steer clear of such scams and make informed investment decisions.

Get beginner-friendly training

At the entry-level Fish Club membership, which requires holding one NFT, you gain access to a comprehensive web3 course - which dives into the foundational elements of NFTs, accompanied by podcasts and 'Ask Me Anything' sessions with industry experts.

If you're looking for more advanced knowledge, the Dolphin Club membership, accessed by holding five NFTs, provides forex education and crypto node training, giving you a deeper understanding of the broader financial landscape and the technical aspects of cryptocurrency ecosystems.

At the Shark Club level of membership, reserved for holders of 10 or more GMC NFTs, you receive exclusive once-monthly crypto mentoring sessions, equipping you with the guidance to invest in NFTs and DeFi projects with more confidence.

Additional extras – including ETH payments

In addition to its beginner-friendly educational offerings, the Greek Mythology Club rewards you with a range of other perks - including bi-weekly ETH payments, priority access to future NFT mints, and a variety of luxurious travel experiences ranging from high-end Airbnb stays to VIP yacht trips and parties.

A spokesperson states: "In stark contrast to the industry's lack of proper education and mentorship, we emphasize equipping you with the knowledge and guidance required to make informed decisions."

Whether you're looking to unlock a free vacation or you want to brush up on crypto node training, you'll find a huge range of rewards when you join the club!

Check out https://legacybuildersalliance.com/greek-mythology-club-nft-overview to start building your pantheon!

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