Get Custom Image Upload Dog & Cat Jewelry To Celebrate Your Pet’s Memory

Feb 25, 2023

Whether your furry friend has passed away or you’re looking for a gift to give to loved ones, has you covered. Browse their latest range today!

Get Custom Image Upload Dog & Cat Jewelry To Celebrate Your Pet’s Memory

Our pets feel like family - but that means feeling a particular kind of grief when they pass away. Creating custom jewelry to remember them can be a great way to heal. helps you with your grief following the loss of a beloved pet. Options include a customizable dog tag necklace, a round pendant bracelet, and a heart pendant.

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Each of the jewelry pieces is changeable based on the images you upload. Many options offer room for the engraving of a message of hope or remembrance.

One popular design is the 'In Loving Memory Until We Meet Again' dog tag necklace. This customizable piece is made in Florida and Amsterdam, with either a steel or 18-karat gold finish. It is handmade and cannot be found in stores.

Another option featured is the 'Best Friends Leave Paw Prints' circular pendant, which sits against a backdrop of wings in the gift box. You can upload an image of your dog or cat, which will be positioned above the slogan “Best friends come into our lives and leave paw prints on our hearts.”

The company understands that you experience a strong bond with your cat or dog. Our furry friends become a member of the family, and losing them can be painful. To cope with this, you can remember your pets through jewelry.

About was created in 2018 by an entrepreneurial woman who stored supplies in a shed while they grew their business. Now they sell products to a global audience and strive to offer unique items not found in other stores. Each piece is handmade to order, so customers find and create individual gifts.

In addition to the pet memorial jewelry, the store also provides mother and baby gift collections and a valentine’s range for you to share with your loved ones.

A spokesperson for the store states: “Surprise someone you love with this unique and elegant jewelry item. We say unique because each piece is different when you provide your photo. This hand-crafted piece will never fade and is built to last!”

Create a heartwarming and charming necklace or bracelet today and get your jewelry delivered within five days!

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