Get Complete High Quality Jacksonville Elder Law Services With This Experienced Law Firm

Nov 29, 2016

The Law Office of Katherine Schnauss Nagle, P.L., an experienced Jacksonville legal firm, launched a comprehensive, high-quality range of elder law services for senior clients in Nassau, Duval and Clay Counties. Schedule a consultation today for professional, convenient and affordable elder law services.

Katherine Schnauss Naugle, P.L., an experienced attorney from Jacksonville, Florida, launched complete elder law services. Their goal is to provide comprehensive elder law services to clients in the Jacksonville area, including Nassau, Clay and Duval counties.

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As the US legal system becomes increasingly more complex, a growing number of people choose to work with lawyers to administer their legal issues. This includes not only court cases, but business administration, financial consulting, contract management and so on.

Additionally, working with a lawyer for personal issues such as property management, estate planning, guardianship and wills has become increasingly necessary for senior citizens. This is a result of the pressing need for solid legal management in order to avoid further disputes, especially since initial errors could prove costly along the way.

The Law Office of Katherine Schnauss Naugle, P.L, focuses on delivering complete legal services for senior citizens in and around Jacksonville, Florida, including the counties of Nassau, Clay and Duval.

The firm offers guardianship services, allowing senior citizens to have an attorney manage their legal affairs. The guardianship may be either limited or full, depending on the client’s preference in regard to their own decision making rights.

Another important elder law service is probate law estate administration. This allows Florida or out-of-state residents to administer the estate of a relative who has passed away through a specialized attorney, thereby limiting any unwanted legal complications.

This Jacksonville elder law firm also provides will creating services under the current state and federal laws.

Furthermore, the firm provides health care surrogate services, with the aid of which senior citizens may allow a surrogate to make all health care decisions in times of incapacity. This is another vital aspect of elder legal planning, since unclear situations may lead to potential problems in case health complications.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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