Get Certified For Using Lead Based Paint In Renovation & Repair With These Business Courses

Dec 3, 2016

Get your lead paint activity job certificate updated in time to continue working by taking one of the new courses provided by ZOTA Professional Training, which aims to provide real training for real people across a range of areas.

A series of new lead certification courses has been launched by ZOTA Professional Training, which offers instant access to hundreds of highly rated development courses and certifications. Taught by expert and highly experienced professionals, the courses connect classroom training to real world scenarios, making it easy for participants to apply their new knowledge to the work activities that are most relevant to them.

More information can be found on the company website at:

The ZOTA Professional training team is made up of Bob Zak, the founder and CEO, Meagan Thornburg, the Director of Operations, Luke Zak, the Director of Marketing and trainers throughout the nation. Participants in the courses can choose the option that is right for them and whether they want to take part online or in person. The site explains that there are no hidden fees, and students can be certified with confidence through a network of accredited courses.

A range of different lead renovator courses is available, including the lead renovator certification initial course, which is required for renovation, repair and painting work. Designed for all contractors and professionals responsible for pre-1978 properties, it offers real training for real people.

Alongside this course is a refresher option, and lead renovator courses in Spanish. Affordable and convenient RRP EPA lead recertification courses are available to cater for those who need to renew their certificates, and ZOTA is proud to cover these participants with onsite and classroom learning environments.

Once the refresher course has been completed, the participant will provide them with certification for another five years from the date of completion.

Other courses include EPA lead abatement supervisor refreshers, for individuals seeking recertification in that area. People wanting to continue conducting lead based paint work need to ensure that they get re-certified before their existing certification expires.

The course provides information on lead based paint abatement, occupant protection, and regulatory requirements. A full list of courses is provided on site, with details of when they are available, and how to sign up. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact form provided on site.

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