Get Animal prints Christmas Cards Eco Friendly With Envelopes And Sticker Seals

Jan 27, 2021

You can purchase a complete set of animal Christmas cards from WG Wholesale Inc. at: an attractive price to show your appreciation to family and friends this Christmas. The animal drawings on the cards are sure to elicit a positive response from the receiver.

WG Wholesale Inc. based in the US, brings you a unique collection of animal Xmas cards at the best price possible to give you joy during your holiday shopping spree. The premium cards come with their own envelope and a greeting seal that ensures your envelope remains closed. Sending a holiday greeting card is indeed the best way to keep in touch and let someone know that they are loved and being fondly remembered. 

The newly released greeting cards of this firm has been specially designed to bring good cheer to family members, work colleagues, and clients during the upcoming holiday season of 2020. The cards are of high quality, made from eco-friendly material with classic animal illustrations on them.

The Christmas greeting cards from WG Wholesale Inc. are available in a set of 18 animal prints, intended especially for people who like animals. The entire boxed kit includes 18 numbers each of cards, envelopes, and stickers to add sparkle to the cards. The snowy woodland scene card has been the preferred choice lately. There is also an assortment of cards with funny animal drawings for you to choose from.

These handmade cards from WG Wholesale Inc. are available in 4.6 x 6.25 inches size. The messages on the cards can be custom written and therefore are not restricted to just a particular season or event. Each card can be personalized with a special message from the sender. You can use any pen or sharpie to write a note on the card without worry of ink smudges.

Apart from cards, WG Wholesale Inc. has a range of gift products and gift accessories available online. These products are suitable as presents not just for your traditional celebrations like Christmas but also for multiple occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and graduations.

WG Wholesale Inc. strives to provide you with the best deals on all its products. They offer free standard shipping to anywhere in the North American continent. Apart from the gift products, the firm also sells pool table cue sticks and their accessories and other sports goods.

For more information, visit their website at You can call them on +1-908-279-7503.

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