Get An Affordable Trailer Tow Hitch Installation From This Ocala FL Company

Dec 8, 2020

Looking for help installing your trailer hitch? Based in Ocala, Florida, R&B Hitch of Ocala has launched its trailer hitch installation service. It provides affordable hitch installations with high-quality service.

Looking for help installing your trailer hitch? If you answered ‘yes’, then this company is for you!

R&B Hitch of Ocala has launched its trailer hitch installation service in Ocala, Florida. The company services almost all trailer hitch needs and offers affordable prices for hitch installations.

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The newly launched service includes receiver, bumper, weight distribution, fifth wheel, and gooseneck hitches as well as pintle hooks. The company provides trailer hitch installations for cars, crossovers, minivans, SUVs, trucks, and Chassis Cab trucks.

As part of the company’s hitch installation service, R&B Hitch’s staff will begin by removing bolts and plugs to make way for mounting the hitch frame. For some vehicles this may require removing or trimming small panels or a heat shield or possibly drilling into the frame. In some hitch installations, the existing vehicle hardware may be used to bolt the hitch into place.

Next, staff will position the hitch and attach hardware. On some receiver hitch installations, the rear spare tire stored underneath the vehicle will be in the way of installing the hitch and may need to be removed and set aside. For some trailer hitches, such as CURT, it may require the tailpipe and part of the exhaust assembly to be lowered during the installation.

The final step R&B Hitch’s staff will perform is fully tightening the bolts. Once all of the trailer hitch bolts are in place, they will be torqued to the proper values. The amount of torque required varies by the size of bolts. Some hitches only require around 100 foot-pounds of torque, while others require 150 foot-pounds or more.

In addition to Ocala, the company serves a number of nearby communities including Gainesville, Silver Springs Shores, Marion Oak, Summerfield, Fellowship, Emathia, Anthony, Sparr, Micanopy, The Villages, Orange Springs, and Williston, among others.

R&B Hitch of Ocala prioritizes your satisfaction, and all of its staff are well trained and highly skilled. You can also get a free quote from the company.

You can get more information about R&B Hitch of Ocala by visiting the website listed above or by calling 352-572-1090.

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