Get A Home Gas Strut Awning Window For Party Serving & UV Ray Protection

Jun 4, 2023

If you’re a big fan of indoor/outdoor living at home, you can make dining on your patio a daily and nightly delight with a gas strut awning window from OpenUp Windows. Get UV protection, and the ultimate party serving convenience!

Here's a riddle for you:

What do you call a home improvement feature that blends enhanced indoor/outdoor living with sustainability, UV protection, and easy party serving and hosting?

If you said a gas strut pass-through awning window from OpenUp Windows, you probably have one.

With OpenUp Windows, homeowners everywhere are enjoying the best of both worlds: bringing the beauty of the outdoors in while hosting memorable gatherings on their backyard decks thanks to easy indoor/outdoor serving

OpenUp's awning windows make harmonious indoor/outdoor living a daily delight. Be part of the home entertainment movement with your own gas strut serving window!

Find out more and order now at

It's no secret people love spending time with family and friends dining al fresco; however, very few homes are designed with this preference in mind. This oversight leaves party hosts to ferry food, drinks, and utensils back and forth from kitchen to patio when entertaining instead of enjoying their guests' company. Gas Strut pass-through awning windows from OpenUp Windows eliminate this inconvenience. Their beautiful windows connect your kitchen to your patio through an easy-open awning window that engages at a 90-degree angle with a simple tap. And, with their low-E coated glass, UV rays are blocked from your home while a flood of natural light brightens your kitchen.

“At OpenUp Windows, features meet functionality thanks to a carefully constructed window that makes way for many years of outdoor eating, entertaining, and relaxing,” says a company spokesperson. “Gas strut pass-through awning windows have changed the way people enjoy their kitchens, bars, family rooms and pool houses, and we're very proud of that.”

Here's where you'll find all the standard window sizes:

Entrepreneur and inventor Ed Page brings over 40 years of window design and engineering expertise to OpenUp Windows, a company he founded to provide homeowners with the only high-design version of this window product category.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly, OpenUp Windows are precision cut by computers and built by hand. Design construction combines Accoya® wood with heavy extruded tubular aluminum for a pass-through window that is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and offers a reduced ecological footprint.

Ed says he opted for heavy extruded aluminum for its superior strength and Accoya® wood, which is harvested after 12 years of growth and treated with a natural vinegar solution for all-weather performance and protection against pests and termites, for its utility and rich wood beauty.

And, thanks to the pass-through design, OpenUp’s gas strut awning windows make your outdoor entertaining a lot more convenient.

With protection against UV rays, uninterrupted backyard views, lots of fresh air ventilation, and convenient party serving, OpenUp Windows offers you an aesthetically appealing addition to your home that increases both value and functionality.

Is it time to "OpenUp" your kitchen spaces with a pass-through window? Learn more at

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