Get 10K-18K White Gold Engagement Rings From Waco’s Most Professional Sales Team

Aug 4, 2023

IJO Master Jeweler members Di’Amore Fine Jewelers in Waco, Texas, (257-776-9877), offers you some of the world’s most beautifully designed white gold engagement rings and guidance from some of the most highly educated sales associates in the business.

Shopping for just the right engagement ring that says everything about the love you and your fiancee share is supposed to be an exciting time. But what many men won't tell you is that this can also be an incredibly stressful, mind-moiling time.

Everyone always gushes about 'that beautiful engagement ring' when it's on the bride-to-be's finger, but no one says anything about what her partner went through to make just the right choice.

It's as if members of the engagement ring-buying club don't talk about the engagement ring-buying club.

Di’Amore Fine Jewelers is here to change all that.

With their highly trained sales associates, transparent and trustworthy sales principles, and world-class diamond ring selection, you can focus on finding a ring that says every little thing you've ever wanted to say in one dazzling, diamond-studded setting.

Di’Amore Fine Jewelers carries a full range of white gold diamond engagement ring designs from some of the world’s top designers.

Known for their highly educated sales associates, on-site appraisal services, and for their helpful and honest sales ethic, you can't go wrong when you put your engagement ring shopping in the hands of the experts at Di'Amore!

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For over 24 years, Di’Amore Fine Jewelers was known as Jay Jewelers. Today’s Di’Amore Fine Jewelers is a well-established company that represents some of the biggest brands in the world.

Their women’s engagement ring collections include 10K, 14K, and 18K white gold wedding rings with ethically mined diamond solitaires and diamond cluster embellishments that will fill you with unbridled joy.

As they should!

A popular choice you should look at is the Noam Carver Twisted Solitaire Oval Engagement Ring. Made of beautiful white gold, this ring features a contemporary braided ring band and showcases a single elegant solitaire. Retailing for under $800, the ring offers you exceptional value without sacrificing on style.

The Noam Carver Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is another option if what you want is a dazzling diamond showstopper.

A 14K white gold ring, it has a total diamond carat weight of 0.74. This ring features a single large central diamond nestled in concentric diamonds that fan out in a floral style to produce a brilliant halo effect. The ring band is studded with diamonds as well, for unmistakable elegance and glamor that's impossible to miss.

You'll also find a full range of 18K white gold diamond rings by world-class designers that include TACORI, J Monali, and Simon G.

Di’Amore Fine Jewelers offers consultations to help you make informed decisions on your setting and brand selection. They'll also give you tips on jewelry care and can help with financing options that align with your budget.

With close to 500 online reviews and a near-perfect 5-star rating, Di’Amore Fine Jewelers is known within Waco as the “my jeweler” business. And they can be your jeweler, too.

Their online and in-person jewelry products include men’s and women’s wedding rings, as well as earrings, pendants, bracelets, charms, a wide range of everyday and specialty rings, and a selection of watch brands.

With an extensive white gold diamond engagement ring collection, Di’Amore Fine Jewelers will help you make just the right design choice so that no matter your budget, you won’t need to sacrifice on one of your most important milestone investments.

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