Fort Building Kit For ADHD Kids: Engage STEM Skills At Home Or In The Classroom

Feb 1, 2024

If you are a teacher looking for innovative ways to engage with your ADHD students, then look no further – the KiboFort is a versatile, STEM-focused toy that all ages can enjoy.

Imagination Comes To Life

The classroom is a place of learning, but it is also a place of imagination and wonder. Where once stood desks and chairs, there could stand a mighty castle, a spaceship, a cozy tree hollow - on and on. The limits of a child's imagination are nonexistent.

However, facilitating that imagination - that true blooming of the mind - in a classroom setting is one of the most enduring challenges of being a teacher. That isn't even to mention the fact that, as technology and online spaces encroach increasingly into the classroom, these tasks become even more difficult, especially when it comes to children with ADHD.

As you probably know, the needs of ADHD children can vary wildly, and meeting those needs can be difficult. However, allowing children to solve problems creatively is always a good place to start!

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Introducing: KiboFort

Whether you have students who have special learning requirements, or you just want to build STEM skills like spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination, KiboFort is the answer. The versatile, easy-to-use building system is quick to set up and easy to tear down, making it a great choice for playtime, breaktime, or any time at all!

Why KiboFort?

The demand for toys effective in teaching ADHD children has been rapidly rising in the past 5 years. Recent statistics show that an estimated ~2% of children aged 3 to 5 years old have been diagnosed with ADHD, a number which rises to nearly 10% in the 6-11 year old demographic.

With so many children in need of ADHD-compatible learning aids, the role of the KiboFort building system has crystalized since its launch. The advantages of the system are twofold: firstly, using the system builds planning and resource management skills, and secondly, once the fort has been constructed, children can engage in play in a small environment with limited sensory interference.

What Comes With Your Order?

The KiboFort itself includes 36 connector spheres and 100 rods, which snap together to form endless configurations.

The kit also comes with a covering cloth complete with glow-in-the-dark graphics to round out the fort-building experience, giving children the opportunity to create freely with very few limitations.

More About KiboFort

A company spokesperson stated, “Watch in awe as your kids transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary realms. From secret caves to majestic castles, this kit fuels their imagination and takes playtime to new heights.”

This fort-building system was developed through lengthy field testing that spanned classrooms and homes in Europe and America. The KiboFort team has since earned a 4.9-star rating for the high quality of their product, their responsive customer service team, and their remarkably low shipping times.

You can get yours now to provide the children in your life with a safe, fantastic experience that is not only fun but will help prepare them for the world!

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