Best Activity For ADHD Children: Creative Fort Building Set To Decrease Anxiety

Feb 19, 2024

Children with ADHD can benefit from hands-on, relaxing activities. Kibofort’s new Magic Fort Building Set can help kids with ADHD combat boredom, stimulate their imaginations, and improve their concentration!

Too much screen time can be harmful for all of us. For children with ADHD, it can make their concentration difficulties even worse. But, hands-on, engaging activities can help. Kibofort's new Magic Fort Building Set was designed with ADHD kids in mind. It provides hours of interactive, highly creative stimulation to keep your child relaxed and happy.

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Kibofort Is A Boredom Buster

The Magic Fort Building Set is a super attention-boosting construction block set that gives hyperactive children, in the classroom and at home, a tool to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Kibofort's kit includes building blocks that can be arranged in a variety of creative structures. It also features a luminous tent that will stimulate your child's imagination, providing a multi-sensory experience that will undoubtedly keep them anything but bored!

Kibofort Is A Team Builder

Studies show that elementary school students often suffer from anxiety when collaborating with peers, and even more so when a condition like ADHD is present. But, Kibofort's DIY fortress builder is a powerful alternative to tech-based learning activities, allowing kids to concentrate on a clear, hands-on project. This decreases the potential for overwhelm and anxiety, letting kids learn how to work with their peers in a relaxed, focused environment with a single objective.

Learning to communicate and work together are two of the most important things children can learn. The Magic Fort Building Kit provides multiplayer activities that encourage bonding and positive group behavior while also reducing screen time.

Kibofort For The Imagination

The building blocks of the KiboFort Magic Fort Building Set are 100 sticks and 36 balls, made of brightly colored, lightweight plastic. Your child can use these pieces to construct tunnels, forts, play castles, or bring to life any structures in their imagination!

The optional glow-in-the-dark tent is decorated with celestial images of stars, planets, and the moon, for additional calming effects.

The Magic Fort Building Set is designed to be quickly assembled and disassembled, making it easy for you to bring on family vacations. “This isn’t just a toy; it’s an invitation to bond with your children like never before,” says Kibofort.

About KiboFort

Founded in 2018, KiboFort provides high-quality fort-building sets with an emphasis on education for kids of all ages, particularly those suffering from ADHD. The company's products have been developed over years of extensive testing throughout Europe and the United States.

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