ADHD, Anxiety Aid Tool For Creative Kids: Order This Build Your Own Castle Kit

Feb 15, 2024

Build your own fort, castle, or kingdom, right in your living room – then tear it down and do it all again. With KiboFort, there’s literally no limit to what you can build, if your kids can imagine it, they can build it.

It's getting harder and harder to keep kids entertained, it seems, without turning to screens and electronic toys.

Not that there's anything wrong with electronics, but there has to be a limit, right?

Whether your kids are extremely active, suffer from anxiety, have ADHD, or just like creating new things - it can certainly be hard to keep up, and impossible to always provide something new.

At least, that's what I used to think - but then I thought, why not let their imagination provide something new, with a little help? And that's how I found KiboFort.

One Kit, 1000 Adventures

The best part about being a kid, if I recall correctly, was using my imagination to create - well, anything, really. That's the point.

Today, we've taken that away from kids, because how much imagination do you need to watch TV, or play a video game? The KiboFort gives it back though, with loads to spare - I even found some for myself.

I'll tell you all the details, including how easy it is to get involved as a parent or teacher - but if you just want the straight facts, from the source, you can visit

How It Works & What You Get

KiboFort comes in a kit that includes everything required for children to build a fort at home, without requiring any tools, damaging any walls, or using your couch cushions. A standard kit includes 100 supports and connectors, which can be used to construct an unlimited number of potential designs, and can be re-used after each fort is taken down.

The important things to note here, are the "unlimited designs," "no damage," and "re-usable," - because every parent who's spent any time in a toy store knows those words are magical. To make it one better, you'll also never have to replace the batteries.

It's the simplicity that makes it so fantastic, because while your KiboFort can become practically anything - it's up to you, or the kids, to make it happen.

Who Is KiboFort For?

Although KiboFort is appropriate for all children and most adults, it has been particularly helpful for parents or teachers with children who have ADHD, anxiety, or similar issues. The KiboFort allows children to express themselves creatively, become engrossed in a project, and build something that they can be proud of, without requiring the use of screens or electronics.

By allowing children to build absolutely any shape they can imagine, the KiboFort can help to develop STEM skills, and a better understanding of the world around them. Teachers, or parents with several children, can use several KiboFort kits to create larger structures or have children create small structures, and then link them together to learn about collaboration and sharing.

In short, KiboFort is for practically everyone - but if you give them to your husband, you should probably expect to see a fort that includes both the couch and TV.

Kibo At Night

Now, I think we can all agree that forts are super cool - and forts you can take down and rebuild in any shape are even cooler - but is it cool enough?

I think that depends, are you sleeping in your fort?

Because if you are, wouldn't it be even cooler if it glowed in the dark?

Of course, it's an option, the coolest option - and if you're planning on spending a night in the fort, it's the only way to go.

A word of caution though - glow-in-the-dark forts have been known to be just way too cool, and your kids may never want to take them down.

A KiboFort spokesperson explained it better than I can though, they said, “This isn’t just a toy; it’s an invitation to bond with your children like never before. Join them in crafting rockets, building tents, and constructing houses. It’s quality family time at its best.”

Whether you're looking for something special for the kids, your partner who still acts like a kid, or the entire family, KiboFort has you covered... literally.

Check it out for yourself, and start planning your ultimate castle at

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