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Nov 30, 2017

Sensari releases Three previously unpublished facts about its upcoming Invent-a-Scent launch. Further information can be found at

Ahead of the launch of its new Custom Incense Sticks, Sensari is making public three as yet unreleased facts about Invent-a-Scent custom-dipped incense set to go live December 2, 2017, which fans and consumers within the American-Made incense & Burners space will find interesting...

The Three items include nuggets such as:

Invent-a-Scent has been in development for 2 years and had a team of 3 people working on it, which is considered small by industry standards. This goes to show you don't need a large team to do great things..

The Custom Incense Sticks almost didn't see the light of day, when the team was working day and night to receive and store the large shipment of incense sticks and essential oils for their new venture. Having a hard time finding a place to store it all, stacking the containers of essentials oils seemed like a good idea. That is, until the weight on the bottom container became too much, and the tower of oils collapsed, cracking open the bottom bins. "Looking at the slippery mess on the floor made giving up seem like a good idea. Until someone made a joke about spreading the incense sticks on the floor so it wasn't wasted," said a Sensari spokesperson. "There's nothing worse than cleaning up gallons of gooey essential oils, but there was no choice" she continued. "It was important to offer Invent-a-Scent" customized incense sticks in time for Christmas gift-giving.". So, many rags and bags later, the floor was dry again. Luckily, Sensari is made in the USA, so getting replacement oils was fairly quick.

Sensari has done something different compared to other businesses in the American-Made incense & Burners space, as they are one of only a handful of companies that offers custom incense created by the consumer. "It takes almost as much time to dip 100 sticks as 10,000 sticks, but it's worth it to give our clients the ability to give that very special gift to the ultimate incense lover," said Dotti Templeton, the Chief Executive Incense Lover. She's excited to offer her customers over 200 hand-dipped scents to mix and match into any scent they can imagine, making it a thoughtful, unique gift for the incense lover who has everything.

Invent-a-Scent will be released as part of Sensari's greater plans to be the one-stop shop for incense lovers who enjoy pure, natural incense for romance, spiritual, aromatherapy or meditative purposes. It's why they're willing to take the time to give their customers what they want. Invent-a-Scent custom incense sticks are available for ordering in time for Christmas gift giving.

Sensari got it's start when Founder Dotti Templeton noticed a growing need for what to give the incense lover who has everything. With this was born a brand new idea in 2015: hand-dipped incense in America that customers can blend and name as they choose. Sensari never offered it before now in the American-Made incense & Burners world,

Dotti Templeton is quoted as saying: "We like to do things to connect with our customers." For instance, Dotti answers every single email and phone call from customers personally. It's little factoids like this, shared ahead of the Invent-a-Scent launch that help make the project so interesting.

Invent-a-Scent is set to launch December 2, 2017. To find out more, visit

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