Florida Keys Yacht Charter Club: All-Inclusive Vacation With Custom Itinerary

Jun 15, 2022

Don’t settle on your holiday plans just yet! At least not until you look into Yacht Onboard’s new guide on companies like Oceanscape and their affordable luxury yacht clubs. Visit the website to read all about it today!

Florida Keys Yacht Charter Club: All-Inclusive Vacation With Custom Itinerary

Did you ever dream of that perfect holiday on a yacht without the worry of how much it costs? Read Yacht Onboard's new guide to find out how membership clubs like Oceanscape are making that possible.

According to the guide, if you want to enjoy a memorable all-inclusive yacht vacation at an affordable price, you should consider becoming a member of a yacht charter club. This is a cost-effective alternative to yacht rental or ownership that offers additional advantages, from discounts on fuel to exclusive access to the best marinas.

With Oceanscape's membership, you also get an amazing opportunity to participate in activities like jet-skiing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and more.

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According to Yacht Onboard’s guide, the global luxury yachting industry is expected to witness significant growth in market size due to increased interest in coastal and marine tourism activities. This makes yacht activities the next frontier for tourism, with multiple new services being established within the expanding market every year.

Yacht charter club memberships offer a reasonable entry point to cost-effective luxury yacht experiences because you do not need to buy or rent the yacht during your trip. Instead, expenses like maintenance and upkeep costs are shared between members of the club through membership fees.

Of the few yacht membership clubs available, the guide recommends that you consider Oceanscape due to the company’s flexible monthly and annual fee structures and multiple holiday destinations around the world. Oceanscape’s club membership also gets you access to several benefits, including a private chef, gym facilities, and activities like kayaking and fishing.

About the Company

Oceanscape is a yacht charter service established by Todd Beechey. Ted founded the company after experiencing a significant measure of hardship searching for quality and affordable yacht charter services after vacationing in the Bahamas. Oceanscape now offers multiple charter services to and from its key docking destinations in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Pacific, and the US.

A section of Yacht Onboard’s guide states, "If you’ve been dreaming of living the yachting lifestyle but thought it was out of reach, think again. A yacht charter club membership is the perfect solution. We recommend you visit the Oceanscape club website to learn more about its membership plans."

Your next luxury yacht experience is not as distant as you think. Visit Yacht Onboard’s website to learn just how possible this could be today!

Go to https://www.yachtonboard.com to find out more!

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