Florida Insurance Law Expert Specializes In Litigating Denied Hospital Claims

Aug 12, 2021

Patients who had their healthcare insurance claims unduly denied can rely on the legal expertise of Miami, Florida-based Louis Law Group (+1-954-676-4179).

Did your medical claim get denied? This legal expert can help!

Louis Law Group of Miami, Florida announces the launch of its updated health insurance litigation service. Through this offering, you have a better chance of appealing denied medical claims, which can save you thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

Learn more by visiting https://louislawgroup.com/insurance-claims/health-insurance-claim-denial-lawyer

With this updated service, you can gain a crucial financial lifeline, especially if you face large medical costs. The law firm is headed by Atty. Pierre Andre Louis, who has a decade’s worth of experience in this practice area.

According to industry statistics, medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy filings in the United States. This is despite the fact that more than 90% of the people in the country have either private or employer-sponsored health insurance. 

In many cases, these insurmountable healthcare bills are caused when insurers unexpectedly deny claims. As a result, instead of only shouldering a small co-pay, you must now cover the entire treatment cost. 

Louis Law Group helps you contest a denial that was done in bad faith. Atty. Louis and his team work closely with you to understand your circumstances, collect evidence, and craft a legal strategy. 

Hiring an attorney can greatly decrease the time it takes to get a decision on your case. This is because lawyers have a deep understanding of the appeals process and the tactics that can be employed to reverse a denied claim. 

In many instances, costly and time-consuming hearings are avoided as the case will be resolved through a settlement instead. Should your insurer refuse to honor the promised health coverage, however, the practice can also sue and litigate the former. 

To make its legal services more affordable, the law firm operates on a pro-bono basis, meaning it will not get paid unless your case is won. It also offers a free 30-minute case consultation so you can have a better understanding of your options. 

Atty. Louis says: “It’s easy to make a mistake and scuttle your chances of reversing the insurer’s decision. An attorney will help you avoid these unforced errors and handle those inconvenient calls with your health insurer.”

Get the legal relief you need with the help of Louis Law Group. Contact its office today!

Simply https://louislawgroup.com/insurance-claims/health-insurance-claim-denial-lawyer if you need further details about the law firm and its legal services.

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