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Jun 1, 2023

So, you’ve done all the hard work and now your fashion startup is ready to produce its first clothing line? Fashion Index is THE place to connect with the exactly right verified garment production facility for your brand’s needs, goals, and vibe!

So, you're ready to put your fashion startup's first line into production! Yes, it's exciting! Yes, it's terrifying! And the pressure of picking the right production facility? Oh my...

Lucky for you, Fashion Index takes all the guesswork out of sourcing the right verified garment production facility with its no-cost, super easy-to-use, searchable database & growing community!

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✦ Sourcing Stress! ✦

While there are a vast amount of quality garment production facilities around the globe, finding and connecting with one that meets all of a fashion brand's needs is challenging.

For a fashion startup, partnering with a production facility that values the same aesthetic, volume and budgetary needs, target market, and sustainability standards, can be central in the brand's ability to successfully launch and begin turning a profit. But, you know... no pressure!

Jokes aside, doing the research on compatible production facilities is imperative for ensuring you chose the right one. It can take a lot of time, though, which is exactly why Fashion Index is SO helpful.

✦ Fashion Index Gets Rid of the Guesswork! ✦

Fashion Index wants to support fashion startups in need of reliable, verified garment production facilities and encourages them to join its growing fashion community! With a simple registration process, you can create a FREE account with Fashion Index to begin searching the database of garment production facilities, including dye houses, digital fabric printers, sublimation printers, factories, and more.

You can filter your garment production facility searches by multiple variables, including production volume, location, target market, sizing experience, years in business, and more. After narrowing your search, you can read up on each production facility through its Fashion Index profile which features a detailed business overview, a list of its expertise, partnership history, and more!

Fashion Index strives to make finding and connecting with exactly the right production facilities as simple and straightforward as possible for fashion startups. The platform also hosts profiles for fashion business coaches, consultants, and production managers. So, if you feel like you could use extra support from experienced fashion industry professionals, you can reach out to them directly through the platform.

✦ About Fashion Index ✦

Founded by two female fashion professionals with extensive fashion industry experience, Fashion Index is designed to be an accessible resource that supports fashion entrepreneurs in building successful businesses while cultivating a cohesive professional community. The platform features an easily searchable database of fashion creatives, businesses, suppliers, facilities, manufacturers, and more. Fashion Index strives to provide cutting-edge information on evolving and future fashion trends and fashion business practices through its original blog series and regular social media content.

Want to learn more? Get started today and create a Fashion Index account by visiting

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