Find The Best San Mateo, CA Dog Camp – Large Fenced Off-Leash Ranch For Pets

Dec 23, 2021

Did you purchase a puppy during the pandemic? Perhaps you’re back at work and feeling bad about your dog being cooped up at home all day? Entrust your pet to a team who specialize in canine care. Talk to Paws Dog Camp today! (650-703-2162)

Are you concerned that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise? Give your four-legged friend a treat at Paws Dog Camp!

With studies reporting that at least 70 million American households now own some kind of pet, the San Mateo, CA-based canine daycare provider announces updated services for busy dog owners in the area.

Paws Dog Camp’s latest launch sees an expansion of its post-pandemic dog-walking program. The company offers you and your pet its expertise promoting health and happiness in puppies and older dogs alike on its multi-acre ranch in Montara.

For some proper puppy pampering and acres of space to run around, choose Paws Dog Camp. More details at

The announcement details a range of benefits for busy professionals or older people who may not have the time or the ability to give their dogs the regular exercise they need to stay healthy. Your dog can even be picked up and dropped off in Paws Dog Camp’s special air-conditioned van.

During almost two years of regular public lockdowns, many families across the US were inspired to buy a puppy or rescue a dog. Recent surveys reflect a surge in dog ownership over the last 12 to 18 months as a result. According to the American Kennel Club, all dogs need daily exercise but some high-energy breeds such as border collies require more physical stimulation than other low-energy pets such as basset hounds or bulldogs.

Paws Dog Camp offers a safe, spacious and fenced-in environment for your dog to run free and stretch its legs. The dedicated team also socialize the animals in their care, helping them get used to other dogs and humans as well as weaning them off unhealthy habits. You can rest assured of the highest levels of canine care through the company’s certified animal technicians. Fresh water and nutritious snacks are also provided.

The ranch itself is lovingly cared for with regularly mowed grass and anti-tick treatments to ensure your dog will remain bug-free while at the camp. If you have more than one dog, you’ll benefit from a concession to the standard rate of $43 per excursion.

About Paws Dog Camp

The company is led by Trina who has been caring for the Bay Area’s dog population since 1999. Paws Dog Camp began life as a purely dog-walking venture, subsequently expanding its operations to meet the growing demand for pet daycare services.

A spokesperson says, “We strive to meet the growing needs of clients wanting regular, off-the-leash exercise for their pets in a spacious but fenced environment.”

With its latest service updates, Paws Dog Camp provides a home from home and essential daycare for dogs across San Mateo and the wider South San Francisco, CA area.

Get that tail wagging at the Paws Dog Camp ranch. More details at

Give your furry friend a daily or weekly treat with the best doggy daycare around. Do the right thing for your little champ – the happiest pooches go to Paws Dog Camp!

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