Find Fashion & Beauty Retail Talent In San Francisco With This Staffing Service

Jul 21, 2022

Looking for the best people for your retail store or pop-up location? Get in touch with Emerging Blue, a brand-focused recruiting agency, and find out why top brands are relying on its specialized retail staffing solutions.

Find Fashion & Beauty Retail Talent In San Francisco With This Staffing Service

A good team is hard to come by!

That is especially true if you are in the fashion, home, and beauty industries.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect talent for your retail location, Emerging Blue will tap into its considerable resources until they find that perfect fit.

With its expanding retail recruitment service, you can hire US-based consultants, full-time staff, and contractors for any position in the retail sector.

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According to a report from the Department of Labor, over 11 million positions were open across the US as of June 2022, with about six jobseekers for every 10 openings available. This is partly because of a recent increase in job openings from recruiters in retail and other sectors, meaning that employers have to use more innovative methods in their approach to employing talent.

Emerging Blue provides a variety of staffing services and solutions for retail stores and pop-up locations. In addition to retail, the company helps you search for talent in product design & development, digital & creative marketing, executive leadership, and all things fashion, home, & beauty!

You can choose between freelance or full-time hire services, or Emerging Blue’s new EB 360 service, which allows you to work directly with hiring specialists to find the best fit for your job.

The Company’s Jobs page, currently accessible through its website, lists almost a hundred new roles from employers all over the US. Emerging Blue also provides job seekers with guidance, tips, and industry news through the various helpful articles on its blog. Read Emerging Blue’s most recent blog post about the top driving factors of success in retail here:

About the Company

Emerging Blue matches employers in the retail sector with vetted and talented employees. Its founder, Scott Gibree, has a career that spans several years across multiple industries, focusing primarily on retail and national creative staffing agencies.

A spokesperson said, “Our philosophy is based on an incessant drive to find incredible talent anywhere. We search endlessly for diverse talent through networking, social media engagement, and focused marketing. Emerging Blue does not only seek to be a brand expert; we also connect with each client on a one-on-one basis so we can understand their product, culture, and people. We’re your recruitment superheroes.”

Your next hire is just a call away! Call Emerging Blue at 415-543-6636 to find the right talent today.

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