Find An Attorney For Florida Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Mar 6, 2021

If your business suffered losses because of COVID-19 temporary closures and your insurance company denied your business interruption claims, get in touch with this Florida-based law firm.

The state of Florida has definitely seen a great number of businesses halting their operations as COVID-19 wreaked havoc all over the world.

For businesses whose pandemic-related business interruption claims have been denied, Louis Law Group is here to help. The Miami-based legal team is well positioned to serve clients from Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Florida.

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The firm aims to assist the still growing number of Florida businesses who are suffering or recovering from temporary closures due to the ongoing health crisis. As the legal experts point out, while business interruption insurance can be helpful in keeping your business afloat, knowing when your coverage applies can be a complex matter.

Commercial property insurance policies with coverage for business interruptions are designed to disburse compensation to business owners for lost income due to any forced or unforeseen closures. While some of them cover losses brought about by government-mandated closures, these are generally meant for weather-related incidents.

The attorneys at Louis Law Group are dedicated to navigating such policies to ascertain if a business’ coverage contains the necessary clauses that entitle them to compensation. If this happens to be the case for your business, the legal experts will leverage their years of experience in appealing the denied claims on your behalf.

Louis Law Group is composed of lawyers and legal professionals specializing in denied, delayed, or underpaid insurance claims. They represent clients through every stage of the claims process and advocate for an early resolution of their insurance disputes. Their practice areas include property damage, personal injury and accident, as well as health insurance claims.

Through their services, the firm endeavors to help businesses minimize the financial impact of the pandemic by getting access to timely and adequate insurance payments. Initial consultations come free of charge for those who wish to evaluate the merits of their claims.

A spokesperson from Louis Law Group states, “Dealing with a denied claim or even an underpaid claim can be devastating to your business. Your lawyer will have the know-how to navigate your policy and negotiate the right settlement for you to keep your business afloat during the hard times.”

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