Find A Covington GA Criminal Defense Lawyer Offering Free Case Evaluations

Nov 21, 2020

Do you need legal advice and representation? This law firm in Georgia offers free case evaluations so you can check if they can provide the assistance you require.

Whether you need to draft a contract, file for social security disability, or secure worker’s compensation, this firm is well qualified to assist you!

Pemberton Law, LLC offers a full line of legal services for their clients in various cities in Georgia. The Covington-based legal team also renders free case evaluations to make their services available to a wider range of client demographics. 

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The firm’s areas of focus include personal injury, criminal defense, corporate and business law, family law, real estate, probate law, construction law, personal injury, as well as will, trust, and estate planning. Regardless of the nature of your requirements, they endeavor to deliver the small town brand of service that they are known for.

Pemberton Law, LLC has also built a reputation for synergizing technology and law. By leveraging digital technology, they’re able to accomplish more tasks for you in less time, allowing them to stay efficient and organized despite their growing list of specialty areas. 

As a spokesperson from the firm explains, “New technology allows us to streamline the workflow of a case to offer quality representation at a fair and affordable price. We admit that many of us prefer to read on paper or work with a paper file. The problem, however, is it takes more time to sort through a paper file than a digital one.”

Since the firm operates from multiple office locations with attorneys who specialize in diverse areas of the law, they make sure to digitize all their files so they can access the data necessary to work on each case.

If you wish to obtain legal advice, Pemberton Law, LLC is currently providing case evaluations free of charge. The initial consultation is designed to examine the facts and merits of your case and determine if the legal professionals are able to provide the assistance or representation you require.

You may access additional details by visiting the above-stated website.

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