Fight PIP Claim Denials Through Top Orlando Car Accident Injury Law Firm

Jun 3, 2020

Get professional legal representation from experienced PIP claims lawyers in Orlando today. Call 407-601-3999 or visit for a consultation.

As a Florida driver, your mandatory personal injury protection (PIP) insurance covers 80 percent of your bills up to $10,000—regardless of fault—if you’re injured in a car accident. PIP is supposed to cover up to 60 percent of your wage losses because of time off work.

However, insurance companies tend to find a way to not pay a claim or delay fulfilling your claim despite receiving your premium payments on time, every month. If you have had benefits cut off because of an Independent Medical Exam (IME), had your policy rescinded by your insurance company, or have any other claim denial, the Horst Law Firm is here to help.

The accidental injury law firm in Orlando has expanded its PIP claims practice area to uphold your rights if you’ve suffered unreasonable PIP claim denials. The Horst Law Firm provides you with compassionate legal advice and aggressive litigation support. The firm’s Orlando PIP claims attorneys leverage years of litigation experience and deep knowledge of Florida’s legal system to build a compelling case on your behalf, ensuring that you receive all due PIP benefits.

Law firm Principal and Central Florida personal injury attorney Robert J. Horst and his team have successfully resolved over 10,000 cases of wrongful PIP claim denials since 2015. Under Florida law, the insurance company pays for attorney expenses following the successful resolution of the claim in a victim’s favor. If your case cannot be resolved, you don’t owe any legal fees.

The Horst Law firm also provides legal services in the area of personal and workplace injury, product liability, and other related practice areas.

The Horst Law Firm is a personal injury law firm headed by Attorney Robert J. Horst and supported by firm Partner Beth Aires and attorney-at-law Aaron Humphrey. The firm offers multilingual legal services in English, Spanish, and Creole, serving clients in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Central Florida.

Call 407-601-3999 or visit if you have suffered a PIP claim denial in Orlando.

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