Fashion Community To Source Sustainable Packaging For Your New Apparel Brand

May 19, 2023

Ready to get your clothing line out into the world in the most sustainable way possible? Connect with eco-friendly packaging suppliers through the easy-to-use, one-stop fashion industry networking platform, Fashion Index!

As they say: "Anything worth doing is worth doing right!" Right? So, why not find exactly the RIGHT supplier to source eco-friendly packaging for your sustainable fashion brand products?

Fashion Index is THE one-stop shop to find and connect with sustainable, eco-conscious, and local packaging suppliers so your brand can be sustainable all the way down to the fine print!

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✦ Serious About Sustainability ✦

While sustainability continues to be a growing concern for fashion consumers and businesses alike, prioritizing sustainability in every detail can be challenging. Fully eco-friendly packaging requires paying attention to many details, including materials, adhesives, ink for label printing, trim, delivery methods, and more.

Consumers concerned with sustainable and eco-friendly products tend to pay close attention to their purchases. So, being able to guarantee that your brand is sustainable right down to the tape on the box means you're paying as much attention as your customers are. That can go a long way to building trust in your brand.

✦ Fashion Index Gets It ✦

Fashion Index anticipates more sustainable fashion brands will take advantage of this opportunity to intensify their commitment to sustainability by sourcing eco-friendly packaging for e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, and distribution.

Entrepreneurs preparing to launch a new brand, or those ready to expand an established brand, can create a free account and search the Fashion Index platform for packaging suppliers and specifically filter their search results by sustainability and free trade.

In addition to filtering for sustainability and free trade, you can narrow your search results by location. This allows you to source packaging from local suppliers to cut down on transport distances and minimize your carbon footprint. Sustainable, eco-friendly, local - check, check, and check!

After identifying sustainable, eco-friendly packaging suppliers through Fashion Index's searchable database, you can learn more about each supplier through their profiles. Every business profile hosted on the platform includes a list of areas of expertise, a detailed business overview, previous and current partnerships, location, production volume, and more.

If a particular supplier seems compatible with your brand, you can contact them directly through the platform! Easy!

✦ About Fashion Index ✦

As a collaborative fashion networking B2B and B2C space, Fashion Index strives to support fashion industry professionals of all kinds by connecting them with the resources, people, and materials they need to build a thriving business. The company's two founders are global connectors with years of experience working with some of the fashion industry's leading brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Fox Racing, Gap, JLo by Jennifer Lopez, and others. Fashion Index focuses on staying on the cutting edge of fashion industry trends and provides informative blog articles and social media content to help other professionals do so as well.

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