Establish Expertise with Authority Marketing Strategies For Coaches, Consultants

Jul 28, 2023

Mike Driggers teaches aspiring mentors and coaches how to build their brand with authority marketing and brand recognition. Check them out today!

Do you want to share the knowledge and expertise you have gathered all these years, but don't know where to start? Whether it's to jumpstart a career in coaching or consultancy, or a passion project you want to create for others in your field, Mike Driggers' authority positioning courses are for you!

He offers a suite of personal branding and consultation programs designed to support you in your journey to creating successful businesses. With twelve marketing, leadership, and sales books to his name, Driggers aims to help you achieve your business goals with tools such as targeted local ads, lead generation, and more.

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His coaching programs leverage the "10 Steps to 7 Figures" roadmap. One of the offerings, the Authority Fingerprint Mastermind, is an intensive eight-week course that centers around creating coaching or training programs to help you build a seven to eight-figure coaching business within three months.

Designed for individuals who want to become coaches and consultants, Driggers' comprehensive six-month program, the "Done-For-You" (DFY) Coaching Business course, guides you to leverage your existing knowledge and expertise to form a business.

The DFY Coaching Business course offers five specialized teams, providing you with support and guidance to find your target market. You work closely with a dedicated content creation group to create engaging lectures or guides. A marketing and commission-only sales team is on hand to generate high-quality leads and close deals, boosting sign-up rates.

To increase online presence and searchability, and drive online engagement and potential business growth, Driggers recommends the Instant Authority-Extreme Lead Generating Machine program, which transforms your social media profiles into lead-generation tools.

For those just getting started, Driggers offers a three-part video series or mini-course on authority coaching. On his website, he explained that the mini-course discusses the same strategy that he and his new coaches use to generate revenue of up to $500,000 during their first year in the coaching industry.

If you want to try the program first, you can sign up for the Authority Impact M.A.P., a monthly membership program, which provides strategies, tools, training, and community support.

"Mike Driggers' insights could easily become a manual for use in classrooms around the world and the key to many students’ success in life," a satisfied client said.

His books on marketing and entrepreneurship include "Mastering of the Mindset," "Managing Your Commitment," "Unleash the Intrapreneurship Within," and "On Target Marketing." He has also written two books, "The One Element" and "Entrepreneur on Fire," that share success stories and interviews with entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Driggers created the BMR High Impact Coaching Vault, which equips you with top-tier marketing secrets effective both online and offline. It helps you generate more leads, attract more clients, increase revenue to alleviate financial distress, and reach $1 million in annual revenue for a lifestyle upgrade.

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