Enjoy Your Incense Even More…5 Tips to a Better Burn

Dec 11, 2017

Burn your incense safely and creatively all year ’round by buying quality incense, using safe ash catchers to catch all the ashes, and mixing and matching scents to please your unique individuality.

Burning incense for meditation, romance, spiritual cleansing or just for the smell of it is one of life's sweetest pleasures. People of all cultures and backgrounds have been enjoying the calming effects of incense for thousands of years. These days, just as many people love it for the way it refreshes a home or creates a mood.

Like fireplaces and candles, the pleasure of incense comes from the burn. And like fireplaces and candles, there are things you can do to make the experience not only safe, but even more enjoyable.

Safety first. Always burn your incense in a burner that will catch all the ashes on a flat, stable, heat-proof surface. Keep it out of the reach of pets, children and items like fabrics and lamp shades. Double check the area surrounding the incense to make sure it can't be knocked over or bumped into. "Make sure the incense is solidly in its holder, whether it's a stick or a cone," says Dotti Templeton, founder and owner of Sensari Incense. "For incense sticks, be sure that the hole is deep enough to hold the incense securely above the burner. When using incense cones, the area surrounding the burning cone should be heat-proof and large enough to catch the large remnants" she continued. Once more thing, always make sure all the ashes are completely cool before throwing them away.

Of course, burning incense is about more than safety, and there are several ways to improve the experience with every burn.

Tip # 1: Choose a quality incense. "Dollar store incense might be kind to your wallet, but it won't be kind to your nose," says Dotti. To keep the price down, cheap incense will have fillers and unnecessary chemicals in the mix. Quality incense, on the other hand, will use fresh, natural ingredients and won't include extenders like alcohol or synthetic dyes. "Choose incense made by a company you trust," says Dotti, whose company, Sensari Incense, hand-makes its incense in America.

Tip # 2: Leave a window cracked open. Just like with fireplaces and candles, cracking a window will enhance the scent of burning incense. Sticks and cones should not be placed in a direct draft because doing so would accelerate their burning, but a little fresh air mixed in with the aroma of incense actually enriches the scent.

Tip # 3: Don't burn too much. "This might sound odd coming from the owner of an incense company, but don't burn too much incense at once," said Dotti, "especially in a small room or if you can't open a window." This won't be a problem when using good incense because the scent will be rich and penetrating without necessarily burning the entire cone or stick. You want to enjoy the fragrance, not the smoke.

Tip # 4: Experiment with combinations of scents. Maybe light a little vanilla with sage, or perhaps nag champa with sandalwood would smell nice. Be creative and use your "nasal imagination." One way to burn two sticks at a time is by using a double incense burner, that is, one that can hold 2 sticks and all the ashes. "Not to toot our own horn, but this is exactly why we designed our double burners. They fit the bill perfectly for a safe and creative burn," Dotti beamed. Mix and match to your heart's content until you find the combination that pleases you most.

Tip # 5: Stop the burn the right way. Most people will try to blow out an incense stick or cone, but that often has the effect of making it burn faster or creating a lot of extra smoke. If you only want to burn half a stick, try putting a paper clip on the stick where you want the burn to end, and it will take care of itself. If you decide to stop the burn at any point on your own, just hold it under water until it goes out, or hold a soaked tissue or paper towel over the end of the stick or cone until it goes out. Quality incense will relight with no problem once it has thoroughly dried.

Most importantly, enjoy burning incense all year 'round with confidence and creativity.

Incense-lovers can find American-made, Sensari Incense and double incense holders at www.Sensari.com

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