Elder Law Attorney Brigitte von Weiss Services Brockton, MA

Apr 26, 2017

For excellent legal counsel in elder law, estate planning and trust administration and probate for Brockton, Massachusetts, please use the services of Brigitte von Weiss, Esq. More information about her specialized work can be found at http://vonweisslaw.com/index.html.

Since founding the Von Weiss Law Office in 1997, attorney Brigitte von Weiss has specialized in elder law, estate planning and trust administration and probate. She is a bright and devoted lawyer, having graduated cum laude from Loyola University of Chicago Law School in 1990 in the top 5% of her class. She received several awards during her time in law school, including the Leadership and Service Award and the American Jurisprudence Awards for earning the highest marks in Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure and Professional Responsibility. She serves the residents of Brockton, Massachusetts diligently and ethically. She has a wealth of practical legal experience, having worked for 5 years at a law firm in Chicago employing over 200 attorneys. She also has an affiliation with the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. For more information about her services and exceptional abilities and to read the shining testimonials about her work, please visit the website http://vonweisslaw.com/index.html.

She is well-versed in taxation issues as she received a Master in Taxation with high distinction from Bentley College in 2001. This education she puts to good use while helping her clients with matters of estate. She establishes trusts for her clients to minimize estate taxes and guard assets. On her website, she has a section dedicated to answering common questions that people have pertaining to Massachusetts and Federal Estate Taxes.

It is important that elders have the peace of mind of knowing that their affairs are in order. Brigitte von Weiss, Esq. can provide this invaluable service to them at an affordable cost. She is familiar with all the nuances of MassHealth, and knows when it is advantageous to apply for its long-term care benefits. She represents elders at MassHealth hearings and has dealt with the agency countless times in the past. She knows the best strategies to protect the home from being considered a countable asset by MassHealth if it is at all possible. She also has a nursing background, graduating from Boston College School of Nursing and working as a registered nurse for four years. This shows the compassion that she has for others, especially for elders. While helping them as they decide whether or not to enter a nursing facility, she listens to them carefully and empathizes with their concerns. By choosing her as one’s estate planning and elder law professional, one can make use of the most current legal developments to protect assets for one’s family. Those in need of her services may call her at 508-238-3005 for a complimentary phone conversation with this distinguished attorney.

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