Elder Law Attorney Brigitte von Weiss Services Bridgewater, MA

Mar 15, 2017

For excellent counsel in the areas of elder law, estate planning and trust administration and probate, please use the services of the Von Weiss Law Office. Visit http://vonweisslaw.com/index.html to learn how Brigitte von Weiss, Esq. can help those in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Attorney Brigitte von Weiss, owner of the Von Weiss Law Office, helps her clients with all elder law issues, including applying for and having hearings for MassHealth. She knows under what conditions it is financially sound to apply for MassHealth long-term care benefits, which no one should try to do absent the assistance of a professional, as this is a complex portion of the law. Serving Bridgewater, Massachusetts, she understands all the nuances of eligibility requirements and can deal with the MassHealth agency. She can also guide espoused applicants in taking measures to protect the home from an estate recovery claim. For persons who are single and applying for benefits, she can provide legal counsel in regards to what must be done to ensure that one’s home is considered noncountable. There are times when a nursing home may mislead an elder into not applying for MassHealth since it is economically advantageous for them to do so. Please consult with Brigitte von Weiss, Esq. before making any decisions or commitments. To view more information on the vital services that she provides and to read the shining testimonials on her abilities in her legal practice, please visit http://vonweisslaw.com/index.html.

In addition to her legal background, Ms. von Weiss has four years of hands-on experience as a registered nurse which she acquired after graduating from Boston College School of Nursing. This has enhanced her skills in elder law in several ways. First, nursing honed her verbal and communication abilities. She was required to measure each patient’s condition by asking the proper questions and listening carefully to the replies. She had to explain complicated medical choices in terms that everyday people could understand. This prepared her to listen well to her clients, to be able to convey detailed information in simple language and to suggest legal strategies that shield her clients’ interests. Her past in nursing also enables her to assist in the resolution of crisis. That she once worked in a caregiving capacity proves her desire to help people, which is a characteristic that is essential when servicing elders. She understands the medical problems that elders often face, and shows compassion to those in end-of-life circumstances.

For excellent services in the area of elder law, please contact Ms. von Weiss at (508) 238-3005. By calling her, one receives a free phone conversation that shows how much she can help in this difficult area of law. She is capable, efficient and affordable. She also does estate planning and is an expert in trust administration and probate concerns.

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