Eco-Friendly Candle Making Supplies: 100% Natural Vegetable C-3 Soy Wax In Bulk

Jul 31, 2023

Candlewic, a candle-making supply provider, has a big sale on their 100% natural and eco-friendly waxes, molds, and fragrances. The premium quality products are now more affordable than ever!

If you're an environmentally conscious candle maker, Candlewic, a candle-making supply provider, should be your go-to place. Their varied selection of eco-friendly waxes, molds, and fragrances is ideal for anyone who cherishes sustainable, budget-friendly candle crafting. And with the current big discounts on their products, you've found yourself an unmatched deal for your candle crafting.

One key offering in their selection is an all-natural range of soy waxes. This product line is more than just a responsible choice - it's an indispensable ingredient for sustainable candle making. Moreover, Candlewic sells these waxes in bulk, an option budget-conscious candle makers will surely appreciate.

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Their product range answers the growing demand for eco-friendly ingredients as candle crafters become increasingly conscious of green alternatives' benefits. With the current price reductions on their natural candle waxes, Candlewic hopes to make sustainable options, like soy and beeswax, available for more people.

According to an article from the University of Central Florida (UFC), studies have shown that scented candles can emit hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein. Although the levels are too low to pose a direct health threat, more research is needed to understand candles' potential health risks fully. If you're concerned about dangerous emissions, UFC suggests changing paraffin candles for natural waxes like soy and beeswax for enhanced safety.

Candlewic's selection includes Cargill's C-3 NatureWax for container candles, a pure soy wax celebrated for its superior quality and environmentally-friendly profile. Soy wax is a renewable resource that burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax, making it a preferred choice for crafters who prioritize sustainability.

In addition to the C-3 NatureWax, Candlewic offers other natural waxes derived from palm oil and coconuts. Their selection has various other products, in line with the team's commitment to addressing different crafting needs, offering pillar palm wax for container-free candles and an apricot coconut blend that minimizes smoke and soot.

Candlewic's product range extends beyond waxes: they offer eco-friendly candle molds, wicks, and 100% natural fragrances for scented candles. Candlewic also stocks dyes and beginner kits, making them your one-stop shop.

Candlewic, founded in 1970, began as a basement hobby. The company has grown remarkably since then, now shipping its products internationally. In addition to candle supplies, they also offer products for soap making.

A spokesperson for the company shared: "Whether you're learning how to make candles at home, diving into the world of professional candle making, or looking for local candle makers in your area, the world of candles offers a radiant glow of possibilities. It's an age-old craft infused with modern creativity."

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