Sports Fans Get Travel Agency Rates For Hotels With This Private Booking Site

May 8, 2024

Watching the playoffs is a bucket list item for many sports fans, but they require a bucket of cash, especially if you score tickets to an away game. Travorium, a secret booking site, offers travel agency rates on hotels, rental cars, and more.

Witnessing your team's championship-winning goal is every true sports fan's dream. But rising ticket prices keep the fantasy out of reach, even for many die-hards.

You never know when your favorite team will make the playoffs again. Passing up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity hurts, but so do the outrageous travel costs you'll pay to get to the big game. Could Travorium, a little-known travel booking site, help you get to the game without creating a budget nightmare?

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Many Games, Few Dollars

If you're a fan of professional sports, you have plenty of choices this spring and summer. Playoffs for both the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League are underway, with the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals in late May or early June, depending upon game outcomes. The Major League Baseball season opened in late March, and won’t hit the traditional All-Star break until mid-July.

While there might be an abundance of events, you and other fans might not have an abundance of cash. Ticket prices rose another 15 percent over the past 12 months, according to a recent report from CNN. Travel prices are leveling off after steep increases last year, while inflation remains relatively high.

Hit A Home Run With Travorium

Economic trends are leaving many fans stranded - at least until they learn about Travorium. The secret travel booking site offers customers members-only prices on lodging near many popular sports arenas, speedways, and courses. Resorts, rental cars, cruises, excursions, and more are also available from the site.

Traditional booking sites are known to inflate their prices to add to their bottom lines. But Travorium cuts unnecessary fees and extras in order to offer members-only rates. Some users save up to 70 percent off retail rates.

Join The Travel Team

Travorium partners with resorts and hotels in more than 2000 destinations. Many have sports teams, including Orlando, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Members can earn travel points and build income from virtually anywhere using their mobile devices.

"Traveling and earning money has been a dream. I never knew this was a possibility. I'm so grateful!" one customer said.

Travorium’s revolutionary peer-to-peer marketing system allows you to share the travel savings with others. The direct sales model helps you reduce your costs as your network grows.

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