Bloomfield Performance-Based Ad Strategy For Dental Practices Converts Leads

May 8, 2024

Dentists and orthodontists: are you tired of paying for leads and not patients? This performance-based marketing company creates content, finds leads, and follows up with them—all with no upfront cost. You only pay when you get new patients! Call 720-989-1932 for a free consultation.

You've heard the saying "Put your money where your mouth is?" Basically, don't just say you can do something—prove it by your actions. As a performance-based marketing company, that's exactly what PracticeFuel does. It runs ads, writes marketing copy, builds landing pages, finds leads, and nurtures them. And until that lead becomes a patient at your dental or orthodontist practice, PracticeFuel doesn't get paid.

So if you're tired of paying for promises and not results, check out PracticeFuel here: 

What Is Performance-Based Marketing?

Performance-based marketing is a results-driven approach to digital marketing. What makes it unique is that pay is conditional (i.e. based on specific outcomes). This can include getting more clicks, leads, sales, traffic, or subscribers. It uses different mediums and platforms, like pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media posts, video content, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve these goals. 

As a performance-based marketing company, PracticeFuel uses various platforms, channels, and mediums to find leads, follow up with them, and eventually convert them into patients—and they don't get paid until they do. mouth.

What Makes PracticeFuel Different?

You may have worked with other marketing companies that make big promises and charge you upfront...only to disappoint you in the end.

PracticeFuel only gets paid after crossing the finish line. In short: you pay for results, not promises.

PracticeFuel's minimum goal is to double a clinic's conversion rate. To do this, it runs ads, writes marketing copy, builds personalized landing pages, and handles the entire follow-up process. 

Using an approach called "The Fast Five," the company follows up with all new leads in the first five minutes. It does so by sending an automated text message, followed by an email, and if the lead responds, it starts an automated sequence with the goal of converting them. 

The result: PracticeFuel will at least double your "leads into patients" rate.

How Does It Work?

There's a simple three-step process.

1. You contact PracticeFuel for a free consultation. 

2. PracticeFuel performs a detailed assessment of your business.

3. If you agree to work together, PracticeFuel will run your ads and follow up with leads...with no upfront cost.

You only pay when you get a new patient.

Zero risk. All reward.

About PracticeFuel

Based in Broomfield, Colorado, PracticeFuel is a part of Top Line Management Inc, an online sales and marketing company focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses.

"After working in this industry for more than 20 years, we decided to make marketing simple," explains a spokesperson for the company. "You want more new patients...we want to help you do that. In order for us both to win, our success should be tied together, right? If we don't get people coming through your doors, we don't get paid. Now that's simple."

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