Double Insulated Flip Out Window For Kitchen Renovation Is Top 2023 Design Trend

Jul 14, 2023

Let the sunshine in! Not UV rays, though; no one wants those. And with OpenUp Window’s double insulated service window, you can do just that, plus you can seamlessly connect your kitchen and patio.

In 2023, it's all about lighter and brighter spaces, according to interior design experts. Unless you're a vampire, that's great news! Because, let's face it, we could all use some lightness and brightness in our lives.

Experts say huge windows will be a leading kitchen trend in 2023 and beyond - and OpenUp Windows is more than happy to answer the call. Their popular pass-thru window comes in 120 by 48-inch size and can be customized to fit the existing home decor.

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✔️ Let the Sunshine In

We'll take the natural light without the UV rays, please and thank you! what Ed Page, Chief Engineer and OpenUp founder, said when he picked double-insulated 1-inch glass with tempered Low-e coating for his pass-thru windows. Well, he might have said that anyway.

The point is, these double-insulated windows will protect you and your furniture from infrared light and UV rays, without blocking the natural sunlight you want to fill your kitchen. Plus, they will make your home more energy-efficient whether you're renovating or building a new house.

✔️ In Gas Strut We Trust

OpenUp's service windows open smoothly thanks to gas struts at each jamb. Fully concealed when the window is in the closed position, gas struts allow the window to stay at a 90-degree angle when open. With no windowpanes to cause obstructions, food and drinks can be easily passed from one side to the other - bringing a whole new level of convenience and comfort to indoor-outdoor living.

✔️ It's Got the Looks (and the Durability)

While most window makers use aluminum to clad their windows and make wood frames more durable, OpenUp makes their windows with heavy extruded tubular aluminum which is used for the entire outside sash, while the inside sash is made with sustainable Accoya wood.

This 2Fold Technology gives OpenUp's pass-thru windows best of both worlds: aluminum's durability and Accoya wood's superior thermal performance and natural beauty. Plus, OpenUp's windows are proven to be 30 times more resistant to wind than best-in-class "clad" wood windows.

You can learn more about their 2Fold Technology and other features at

✔️ Made in the USA

Assembled by hand, glazed, and tested at OpenUp’s New York factory, all windows are produced within four to six weeks - including custom orders. If you're scared of the creepy crawlies, or simply prefer them anywhere but in your house, you can get a built-in retractable insect screen.

✔️ Why OpenUp Windows

Innovator Ed Page founded OpenUp Windows with the goal of changing the way people experience indoor-outdoor living. With over 40 years of experience in window and door design, he has designed his popular gas strut awning window to add style, functionality, and value to both residential and commercial properties.

They say their windows are precision-cut by computers and built with pride by people - and it shows. Ed and his team did not overlook a single thing when designing this window. From the easy single-handle locking system to the double-insulated glass, OpenUp really thought of all the ways in which this window can transform any space.

And they've got tons of completed projects and reviews to show for it - like this one: "We are delighted with our OpenUp window. It has transformed how we use our indoor and outdoor spaces and really allows us to enjoy our kitchen in a way we couldn't previously. If you're looking for a window that will allow you to bridge the gap between your kitchen and patio/deck, I would definitely recommend you look into OpenUp."

I'm not saying there's one window to rule them all... but... okay maybe I am saying that. I have yet to find a window with as many, or more, cool features as this one.

Check it out for yourself - visit and find the window you need to transform your kitchen and indoor-outdoor living.

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