Do The Backless Bra Hack With A Sheer Blouse Using These Nipple Concealers

Mar 25, 2023

If you’re a professional woman who likes her translucent blouses but hates the way bras ruin the effect, now you have choices. CleanSeams by Her Discretion are comfortable, durable nipple covers that don’t limit your personal fashion options.

Ladies, you've probably been there dozens of times. You find just the right outfit for work, or an upcoming event, only to realize it’s not designed to be worn with a bra. Things like translucent blouses, strapless dresses, or outfits with daring cut-outs up top, trying to fit a bra into any of these pictures always ends in disaster.

Enter CleanSeams by Her Discretion.

CleanSeams are high-end silicone nipple covers that offer the invisible coverage you need so your fashion fits the way it was meant to fit. Say good-bye to bulky bras and intrusive straps and prepare for an elegant sophisticated appearance that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

CleanSeams nipple covers are a comfortable, durable, seamless revolution in women's fashion. Virtually invisible, you can wear them underneath any blouse material or any strapless dress for the discretion you need in workplace and event settings.

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Women’s career challenges are broad. We contend with job equity concerns, family care demands, and unique health and physiological issues from which men are unfairly exempt.

A key concern for many women is a professional appearance. Not all clothes are designed for women of all shapes and, at the same time, are often not conducive to bras. With CleanSeams nipple covers, you get a premium, peel-and-stick solution you can wear multiple times under any material, for any occasion.

“One of the main reasons why CleanSeams are so popular is because they are extremely comfortable to wear,” says a spokesperson for Her Discretion. “Our high-end seamless nipple covers are specifically designed to be worn under dresses and blouses to provide a smooth elegant appearance.”

CleanSeams nipple covers come in sets of two packaged in a compact travel case with drawers that accommodate each set.

The travel case is small enough to fit into your purse, stylish enough to be featured on your bedroom vanity or dresser, and durable enough to protect the covers from being damaged. This gorgeous package design choice ensures your nipple covers are protected so you can rely on them for months instead of buying a new set week after week.

Made to fit securely and discreetly under sports bras, bathing suits, blouses and dresses, CleanSeams gives you a sleek, smooth appearance and protection that lasts all day.

And thanks to a high-quality grade of BPA-free silicone material, CleanSeams are resistant to wear and tear. They also taper toward the edges to conform naturally to your shape without ripping or peeling.

Now you can get the comfort and style you deserve, and the freedom to make personal fashion choices on your own terms. CleanSeams is the discreet undergarment coverage you need to convey the poise and elegance you're known for.

A recent customer says, "I’d always been skeptical about nipple covers, I hate them being visible under clothing because it defeats the purpose. These are completely seamless, very comfortable and reusable (which is amazing). They also stay on in the hot Atlanta heat, which I was pretty impressed by."

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