Contingent Staffing San Francisco: Fashion Store Leadership Full-Time Positions

Sep 14, 2022

Are you struggling to hire the talent you need, when you need it? Emerging Blue offers an efficient and effective recruitment process that puts retail businesses in touch with suitable freelance employees.

Contingent Staffing San Francisco: Fashion Store Leadership Full-Time Positions

I heard a story about a Nike employee who quit her job yesterday. It turns out that she just couldn't do it anymore. Although that's only a light-hearted joke, for many companies employee turnover is no laughing matter. Being short-staffed during busy periods is an absolute nightmare both for business owners and employees alike.

Emerging Blue provides a staffing agency service that gives retail companies the opportunity to acquire qualified and fully-screened employees for a short period of time.

If you urgently need more great workers, then head over to for all of the relevant information.

Emerging Blue believes that this temporary hiring facility is ideally suited for any retailer looking to have an optimized workforce at all times. It means you can recruit additional staff members to cope with peak seasons without having to pay an additional wage throughout the rest of the year. The company selects the freelancers from its pool that it believes are most ideally suited for a particular client. It's not just a case of recommending you an employee for the sake of it.

Recruitment has become one of the most important aspects underpinning the functionality of a retail business in 2022. This year, Gartner has forecasted that employee turnover will increase by 20% throughout the USA. 84% of companies that participated in a national survey indicated that selecting an employee suited to the company’s culture was an important consideration during the hiring process. Considering that the average vacancy takes 27 days to fill, it’s beneficial for a company to have continuous access to a pool of suitable candidates. In essence, hiring is a headache that you can do without.

Emerging Blue has worked alongside some of the most reputable brands involved in the fashion, home, and beauty sectors. The company has developed a robust methodology for contacting highly talented freelance workers that combines networking, social media engagement, and focused marketing. Before any freelancers are recommended, the company takes the time to understand your unique product range, culture, and workforce. This means that all freelancers will be able to hit the ground running when they join up with their clients.

If you're looking to recruit a new staff member on a full-time basis then you can do so by providing specific instructions to the company. If you hire on a regular basis then you are encouraged to consider the company’s EB 360 program, which provides full-scope Recruiting & HR services for your business. The company recognizes the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion and contributes to the creation of positive and inclusive company cultures. Ultimately, this benefits both the company and its customers.

Based in San Francisco, California, Emerging Blue was borne out of the recognition that all businesses need suitable employees to be successful.

One satisfied client remarked: “The thing that stood out the most was the manner in which the company worked. They really did take the time to understand what we needed from an employee in order for them to be a great addition to our team.”

If you'd like to start recruiting immediately, go to and get the ball rolling. Learn more about retail staffing on their blog

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