Connect With Spirit Of Joy To Manifest Faster & With Ease: Uplifting Podcast

Jul 26, 2023

Connect with the spirit of joy and learn how to manifest much faster and with more ease with Donnalynn Riley’s new podcast episode! She interviews Aura Moldovan on how to release your intentions to receive more gifts from the universe.

Have you ever wondered why, sometimes, your day just seems to get worse and worse? After waking up on the wrong side of the bed, you immediately stub your toe. As you yowl in pain, you realize that you’d woken up 45 minutes late and now you have to either: skip breakfast and arrive just on time for work (if there’s no traffic) or take a sick leave (but oops, you realize you’ve used all your leaves). You take your chances, throw on your clothes, and run to your car only…it has no gas. Oh, and also, it starts to rain.

It is a sequence of events that never seems to end - but it all started with your intention when you woke up. Life constantly throws us curve balls, but how we react to them is completely on us. Do you allow the little, irritating moments to ruin your day or do you choose to move forward with more intention?

This is especially true when you’re hanging on by a thread. What will you decide to do today when life seems unbearable?

Find the answers from spiritual advisor and positivity coach, Donnalynn Riley, and her newest podcast episode of the Finding Your Spark Again series. The latest episode features renowned spiritual guide, Aura Moldovan.

The mental health podcast, called “How to Connect with the Spirit of Joy - Even When You’re Hanging by a Thread”, discusses the importance of releasing intentions to a Higher Power in order to be at peace and receive your manifestations much faster. Moldovan says that the spirit is joy is often found when you learn to let go of negative emotions, such as desperation and fear.

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Moldovan starts the episode by talking about her latest move to a new country. After having planned for the trip for years, she was finally in her dream location, only to find that all her luggage was lost. She was initially upset but eventually decided to just let it go and connect with her spirit of joy that she was in the place she had always wanted to be in. She says that immediately afterwards, she received a phone call telling her that her luggage had been found.

Moldovan shares that her experience is not an outlier, but a common event that can be repeated with practice. She says that most of the time, people work in the vibration of need and fear, rather than happiness. This is especially true during challenging moments. However, Moldovan says that living intentionally happy can create a shift in your manifestation process.

In the podcast, both Riley and Moldovan explain how to live life with intention and connect with joy daily. It is important, both say, to achieve this state with authenticity rather than simply pretend. This is because true manifestation happens when you vibrate at a higher frequency of love and joy.

And it's perfectly okay to have bad days. All of us do. It’s also completely normal to want to wallow in our negative emotions for a while. We need to feel what we need to feel. It’s normal, and it’s okay.

But we can’t let our negative emotions rule our lives. We need to learn how to connect with the spirit of joy so that we can live more fulfilling lives.

Riley says, "Finding and keeping that spark of joy that makes life not only worth living, bit worth wahoo-ing about, takes skill and practice. It may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime type of happiness but the truth is that there are spiritual and physiological solutions to the problem of consistently tapping into excitement, peace, love and joy without ever having to fake it."

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