Coachella’s dancers will rock this “LED shoe” trend this year

Mar 24, 2017

The Music Festivals for this year will give birth to new trends and one of the best one will be the LED shoes from!

  • coachella s dancers will rock this led shoe trend this year
  • coachella s dancers will rock this led shoe trend this year
  • coachella s dancers will rock this led shoe trend this year

The 2017 festival season is about to begin and is guaranteed to provide the best LED light-up shoes to complete an outfit. Neon Sneaker, an online shoes and accessories store, is run by a small but passionate team in California always striving to improve the brightness and durability of their shoes. Tens of styles and colors to pick from, USB chargeable, long-lasting and water-resistant, these shoes will make the perfect outfit for Coachella.

It is a known fact that everything that is displayed at Coachella becomes a fashion trend shortly after. Ravers and EDMers that are planning to attend this year's Coachella Music Festival will be rocking the LED shoes on the dance floors. Every shoe lights up at the sole in 7 different colors that can be controlled by a button inside the shoe. The wearer can have one color at a time or can have them switched to a multi light sequence. Destined to brighten any festival look and light up the stage, the shoes can be worn by dancers or festival attendees and will make them stand out from the crowd.

This 2017 Coachella's Music Festival promises to bring some of the best artists on their stages and their line-up might be the best out there so far. One of the most know after-parties in Indio, CA is the Neon Carnival where the entrance is based on an exclusive invite. The Neon Carnival is an oasis for celebrities and dancers and the LED neon sneakers will fit right in.

Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Neon Carnival, Burning Man, Hangout Fest, Electric Daisy Carnival, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza are just some of the big famous festivals this year where it is easy to make a statement by rocking the best quality LED light-up shoes available on the market. It might not be too late to get a ticket to the festival and it is definitely not too late to take advantage of the Spring Sale that is having now on their website.

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