Cleveland Showroom: Pre-Owned Electric Desks For Staging Corporate Properties

Mar 22, 2024

Data shows that staging commercial space for sale or rent pays off in the long run for most property owners, and using pre-owned furniture can increase your margins further. The Office Furniture Warehouse (216-431-2700) provides northern Ohio with used electric desks and other quality furnishings.

Are you thinking of ways to make your commercial office space more attractive to potential buyers or tenants? Wide, open space may seem attractive, but industry experts say that staging the area to show its potential increases your chances of signing a deal quickly.

Buying office furniture just for show may feel like a waste of resources. Could a used electric desk from The Office Furniture Warehouse help you stage your space without breaking the bank? The company's four-acre Cleveland showroom offers a wide selection of new and used pieces.

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Setting The Stage

The business moving season typically mirrors the personal moving season, since warmer weather and traditional vacations make summer an easier time to make transitions. So if you're planning on listing your space, it's high time to get started!

Furniture arrangement is one of the most important factors in any staging, according to Tolj Commercial Real Estate. When done well, it helps to create an inviting environment that allows potential tenants or buyers to see themselves in the space.

Purchasing furniture simply to move a property might not seem like a good use of resources. But in reality, most staging purchases cost less than the first price reduction you make to increase interest in the space, the professionals at Tolj Commercial Real Estate say. On average, property owners who spent about 1 percent of their asking price on staging received a return on investment of 5 to 15 percent of their asking price. Purchasing used furniture can help you stretch your money further.

Current Offerings

Some of the used electric desks The Office Furniture Warehouse currently has in stock include:

  1. Cherry Top Electric Desk ($499) - This modern-looking piece with an attractive reddish hue measures 72 inches by 24 inches.
  2. Electric Stand-Up Table/Desk ($499) - With a wood-style top and white electric legs, this piece can function as a desk or table and measures 71 inches by 29 inches.
  3. Electric Stand-Up Desk ($449) - A sleek white finish and curved top give this contemporary piece an artistic flair. It measures 60 inches wide and rises to 49 inches high.

Additional used desks, as well as other furniture pieces for staging, can be found on the company's website. You can also examine offerings at the company's Cleveland showroom. Design experts at the warehouse can help you pick the most attractive options for any space.

About The Office Furniture Warehouse

One of Ohio’s leading providers of new and used office furniture, The Office Furniture Warehouse sells desks, chairs, cubicles, drafting tables, and corporate storage pieces. The company offers delivery as well as pickup from the warehouse. Setup and installation services are also available to customers in northeastern Ohio.

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