Supportive, Ergonomic Office Chairs At Cleveland Business Furniture Warehouse

Mar 13, 2024

The Office Furniture Warehouse (216-431-2700) can help Cleveland businesses increase productivity with a selection of comfortable, ergonomic office chairs. The company is one of Ohio’s top suppliers of office chairs and other pieces, ranging from basic to executive-style.

An uncomfortable chair makes it hard to get anything done at work. The constant adjusting distracts you from your tasks, and frequent standing breaks completely derail your train of thought. Could a new office chair help keep you focused - and everyone around you, too? The Office Furniture Warehouse offers supportive, ergonomically-designed seating. You can check it out at the company's Cleveland showroom.

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Labor Shortages Increase Stress

Though hiring rates are outpacing quit rates, the United States still faces a labor shortage even with relatively low unemployment, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means the existing workforce has to cover more duties, resulting in greater fatigue and feelings of burnout.

Comfortable seating can help you think more clearly, experience less fatigue, and be more productive, according to recent research from the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center. Painful, uncomfortable chairs can increase distraction for employees who are already fatigued. In contrast, ergonomic chairs can help you stay more focused, efficient, and accurate.

Available Now:

Some of the current seating options highlighting comfort and support at The Office Furniture Warehouse include:

1. INSPIRE Mesh Ergonomic Chair ($499.00) - A thoughtfully designed chair that combines fundamental engineering with luxurious value-added features. Its backrest features flexible tilt tension movement and angle flexibility. Arm pads can be adjusted inward and outward, as well as up and down. Mesh backing ensures airflow.

2. Vox 9 to 5 Multipurpose Chair ($129.00) - A general-purpose chair designed with users in mind. It has engineered flex zones that promote natural, healthy back movement. The seat sports a waterfall edge that encourages proper circulation.

3. ENGAGE High Back Task Chair ($449) - With a mesh seat and back, this piece combines classic engineering principles with comfort-enhancing details. Its arm pads can adjust inward and outward as well as upward and downward, while its backrest tilt adjusts between 90 and 110 degrees. Both its seat height and tension are adjustable.

Additional seating options are available at The Office Furniture Warehouse’s Cleveland showroom. You can examine furniture pieces on display, or get help from the company’s design and product experts.

About The Office Furniture Warehouse

The Office Furniture Warehouse is one of Cleveland’s top suppliers of new and used office items. In addition to seating, the store carries desks, cubicles, drafting tables, storage solutions, and more. Door-to-door delivery can be arranged as well as pickup at the company’s four-acre Cleveland showroom.

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