Chaplaincy Degree: Paving The Path To Meaningful Service In Schools And Beyond

Aug 9, 2023

The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) (405-831-3299) believes there is no better path to meaningful service than becoming a school chaplain, and they have a new chaplaincy degree that will help aspiring chaplains on their journey.

If you believe your calling is to help others, the NSCA wants you to consider becoming a school chaplain. This meaningful career is a way that you can help hundreds of children and young people live a happier life.

With their new chaplaincy degree, the National School Chaplain Association believes they can better equip you to meaningfully serve children and young people across the United States. The NSCA is currently the only nationally accredited body that governs the education and placement of school chaplains in both public and private schools in the US and they are committed to constantly improving the quality of the education they offer aspiring chaplains like yourself.

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With students across the country today suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, with social media pressures and online bullying, and with an ever-present fear of gun violence, the National School Chaplain Association believes that more support structures are needed in almost every school in the US.

It is with this goal in mind that they have created their new chaplaincy degree, which will empower you with the tools you need to provide spiritual and pastoral care with a Christian ethos, as well as to provide genuine mental health counseling and to work on both an individual and community level to create happier, more hopeful, better connected, safer and more accepting spaces.

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If you decide to study with the National School Chaplain Association, you will have the opportunity to study online with the NSCA’s University Partner, Oral Roberts University, one of Oklahoma’s and the US’ top-ranked private universities.

The National School Chaplain Association’s new chaplaincy degree is recommended to you if you have a 3-year university degree, or a background in teaching or in the church ministry. However, all applicants are welcome, and the NSCA will create an individual study program for you that addresses everything you need to know.

The NSCA is confident that your chaplaincy degree will be your first step in a career of meaningful service in schools and beyond.

A spokesperson for the association said, “Choosing the National School Chaplain Association for your chaplain certification is affordable and will have you in a school as soon as you are ready. Not only will you be able to receive your online chaplain certification at your own pace, but you will also be taking classes from a top-ranked university. Apply now and kick-start your journey to becoming a chaplain.”

With the NSCA, you can be assured that you will become the very best school chaplain you can be.

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