Houston School Chaplaincy Program Offers Youth Spiritual Support & Counseling!

May 1, 2024

Need more spiritual support in your school? Certified, trained chaplains from the National School Chaplains Association (+1 405-831-3299) offer spiritual care, and guidance for students, teachers, and parents.

Are you worried about safety and student mental health in your school? The presence of a trained chaplain from the National School Chaplain Association can provide much-needed additional support.

Learn more about chaplaincy positions at https://www.nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org

Chaplaincy positions in schools offer several proven benefits, including improved safety, higher teacher retention rates, and better mental well-being for teachers and students.

With availability for schools of all sizes throughout the Houston area, chaplains certified through the NSCA undergo extensive training. The position is designed to provide auxiliary spiritual support for your school's staff and counseling teams, as well as youth.

Non-Threatening Support

A recent report from the University of Staffordshire in the United Kingdom shows that school chaplains can play an important role in educational environments, contributing to school ethos and culture while offering pastoral care for individuals. With teen suicide rates currently at an all-time high, NSCA chaplains can offer a non-threatening source of support.

“Chaplains exist at the complex intersection of spirituality and mental health, where the line between a spiritual crisis and a mental health crisis is not always clear, even to the person experiencing it,” says a spokesperson. “School chaplains are not therapists; they are only one part of a holistic health and wellness approach.”

Safe, Inclusive Space

According to the NSCA, students may often find it difficult to approach a formal school counselor or therapist, as there is often a stigma attached to these positions. In contrast, non-denominational chaplains are seen as non-threatening and offer a safe, inclusive space.

With concerns about school security also at a historical peak, NSCA chaplains undergo extensive safety training, including Threat Assessment, Active Shooter, and Stop the Bleed certifications. They have the skills to recognize potential threats and can take action to prevent escalation.

Integrity & Ethics

All certified chaplains operate under a strict code of ethics. As such, they do not accept gifts or gratuities from teachers, staff, or students, promote a particular religious group or church, preach or proselytize, force conversations or relationships with teachers or students, or break confidentiality.

In addition to working on campus, NSCA chaplains are available 24/7 to provide counsel, prayer, and spiritual care for school staff, students, and families. They provide a non-judgmental outlet for individuals within the Texas school system to unload stress and anxiety.

Provide your staff and students with the best possible care - hire an NSCA chaplain today!

Find further details at https://www.nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/your-school

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