Celebrate Your Swole Sister With This Unique Athletic Wear Company Competition

Aug 3, 2021

An athletic wear startup has launched a new line of racer back vests and tank tops to celebrate Swole Sisters’ Day, which occurs once a year in August and celebrates the sisterhood women create at the gym.

Do you want to celebrate your gym buddy? Do you want to wear athletic wear that is as unique as your personality? Do you want to wear squat proof shorts and leggings while you work out? If you have answered ‘yes’, read on!

WodBottom an athletic wear startup based in Verona, WI has launched a new range to celebrate the second annual Swole Sisters’ Day, which takes place on August 22nd. In case you are wondering, the annual day is designed to celebrate the sisterhood women such as yourself create while at the gym.

You can view the range at http://wodbottom.com

The newly launched range of swole sisters’ tanks and cross back racers highlight the relationship you build with other women while you are working out. It shows the way we women support and build each other up for confidence and motivation. Apart from the new clothing line, a competition has been launched.

You can nominate your swole sister in a bid to win a prize packed with all things muscle-related and self-loving. The nomination form is easy to complete and asks you to consider what being a swole sister means to you, as well as providing a reason as to why your nominee deserves to win.

WodBottom is a champion of you and other women working out comfortably and in a way that is authentic to you, which is reflected in the range of athletic wear it supplies. For instance, one of the most popular items sold are the body forming shorts that are ideal for you whether you enjoy yoga, weightlifting, or CrossFit.

Leggings are also a popular item, especially the gun metal gray shiny leggings that help you to express your personality and confidence while working out, whether you are at home or at the gym. In case you are wondering, they include a high-rise waist, are non-see through and squat proof. The soft and stretchy fabric contours to all your hard earned curves with ease.

As you may be aware, the female-owned company supports DAIS, a domestic abuse intervention service for men and women. A portion of every sale goes to the charity to help people in need of a safe place and advice when they need it most.

A happy five star customer review says: “I may never take these leggings off. Not only are they soft and make me feel like I am magical while struggling during my workout, but they also stay in place! I just went for a run then did a lot of barbell work and burpees. I did not have to touch them once! They are 100% squat proof as advertised and I may just wear them for the rest of eternity. I can’t say how much I love them enough!”

You can find out more and view your swole sister via the link provided!

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