Call Odessa Personal Injury Attorneys For Legal Support After Oilfield Accidents

Aug 4, 2023

Has defective equipment led to disaster at an Odessa oilfield? Reyna Law Firm can help you target compensation for any injuries you’ve wrongfully suffered as a result. Call 432-232-5183 today.

The oil extraction industry isn’t known for its safe nature - but many of the dangers found at oil sites are completely unnecessary. If you’re a worker who’s been failed by substandard safety measures and faulty equipment, Reyna Law Firm is here to help.

Reyna Law Firm seeks to bring attention to the injuries commonly sustained at oilfields in and around Odessa, with the area being home to many such sites. Its lawyers point to defective equipment and poor safety standards as among the leading causes of oil and gas related accidents. Do you wish to file a damage claim? This firm is ready to provide assistance.

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Specifically, Reyna Law Firm’s services cover workplace accidents involving gas leaks, blowouts, explosions, and other incidents caused by defects and improper safety protocols. Its injury attorneys will assess the circumstances surrounding your disaster in order to determine whether a third party, company, or insurer may be liable.

When oil companies supply their workers with flawed equipment or machinery, suggests the firm, the risk of serious workplace accidents rises. Reyna Law Firm keeps you informed of your rights in such situations, and your eligibility for much-needed compensatory sums. Visit the Odessa office for help.

Corroded pipes, damaged cables, and worn metal are some examples of defects reported at oil sites, potentially resulting in harm to workers and the surrounding community. Reyna Law Firm cites experience with victims who've sustained head injuries, impact from high falls, and even lost limbs. Are you facing costly medical bills? The firm targets swift reimbursement.

Reyna Law Firm’s options also include case assessments at its Odessa offices, where its injury attorneys offer you and your family professional guidance. Initial consultations enable the firm to determine the potential value of your damage claim based on injuries suffered, the cost of future medical care, lost wages, and other factors.

The Odessa lawyers advise that inadequate site maintenance and infrequent safety inspections are grave errors for which companies may be culpable. Investigations are a crucial step in Reyna Law Firm’s services, involving the steady acquisition of evidence to support your testimony.

Once liability has been demonstratively proven, Reyna Law Firm’s services also extend to full settlement recovery. Its Odessa team is equipped to open and manage discussions with insurance companies as part of efforts to negotiate fair agreements for the money you desperately need.

Reyna Law Firm cares about your case - and your recovery is its main priority.

Whether you’re in Odessa or elsewhere across West Texas, visit for additional details about Reyna Law Firm and its legal assistance options for oilfield injury cases.

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