Buy Best Kraft Christmas Gift Tags From This South Bound Brook NJ Online Seller

Jan 22, 2021

WG Wholesale Inc. gift products from New Jersey now offers self-adhesive kraft Christmas name tags. The company provides a wide array of Christmas themed novelty items and gift giving products for the season.

Up the ante of your holiday gift-giving this year–visit WG Wholesale Inc and buy their newly launched self-adhesive kraft Christmas gift labels that will surely lend some Christmas cheer to your holiday presents!

WG Wholesale Inc., an online holiday products and gifts company announced the launch of their self-adhesive, dispenser-type kraft Christmas name tags. The business specializes in selling a wide array of Christmas themed novelty items and gift-giving products.

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The newly launched product aims to provide you with practical and easy-to-use sticker name tags for the holiday season. Holiday gift giving can become a chore with all the materials you need to wrap Christmas gifts. Wanting to make gift-wrapping and labeling less complicated for you, WG Wholesale Inc. released their new self-adhesive kraft Christmas name tags.

According to the gift giving experts at WG Wholesale, putting gift labels on presents should not be an after thought. Properly labeling gifts and adding simple notes makes all the difference as opposed to just scribbling names directly on the gift wrapping.

Each box of the new product contains 80 beautifully designed 2 x 3 inch kraft sticker name tags. There are 20 pieces each of 4 different holiday themed motifs that are sure to lend some holiday cheer to any package. And since the stickers are printed on kraft stickers, it goes well with all kinds of gift wrapper designs, eliminating the chore of mixing and matching wrappers to gift tags.

Innovatively designed, the self-adhesive gift labels are neatly packaged in a box that doubles as a dispenser. Each name tag can be pulled out from the side of the box, peeled-off easily and immediately applied to any present due to its self-adhesive backing. This eliminates the use of sticky tape or strings needed to attach regular gift tags.

More so, the product uses a high-quality adhesive, making sure that the gift tags are guaranteed to stay put on any kind of gift wrap material—may it be paper, plastic or foil. All types of ink can be used to write on the kraft paper surface. You can use a pen, markers, pencil or even paint to write holiday messages on each of the appropriately sized gift labels.

WG Wholesale Inc. is the trusted provider of high-quality holiday products–visit their website and try their self-adhesive kraft Christmas name tags.

You can also find out more by clicking on the link above!

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