Build A Coaching Or Consultancy Business With This Authority Positioning Course

Jul 28, 2023

Do you want to harness your knowledge and expertise and become a subject matter expert? Mike Driggers offers authority positioning and personal branding courses that will propel your career as a coach or consultant!

Do you want to harness your knowledge and skills as a coach or consultant? Are you confident that you have what it takes to be a subject matter expert, but you don't know where to start and how to build your empire? Mike Driggers can help!

The business coach offers authority positioning and personal branding courses to guide professionals in starting coaching businesses. Using his "10 Steps to 7 Figures" roadmap, Mike aims to turn you into an industry influencer and thought leader by establishing credibility and developing easy-to-understand guides and courses for your audience.

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The series of courses include the Authority Fingerprint Mastermind, an eight-week course focusing on creating high-ticket coaching programs to help you develop a profitable business within 90 days. Mike also offers the Instant Authority-Extreme Lead Generating Machine, which teaches you to use your social media profiles for lead generation, enhancing your online presence.

The "Done-For-You" (DFY) Coaching Business program is a six-month roadmap for aspiring coaches or consultants from various industries. This course converts your existing knowledge and skills into a successful business with the help of a dedicated creative team that collaborates with you on course creation and a marketing and sales team that will maximize course enrollment.

In addition to coaching, Driggers has authored 12 books. Titles include ‘Mastering of the Mindset,’ ‘Managing Your Commitment,’ ‘Unleash the Intrapreneurship Within,’ and ‘On Target Marketing.’ His books ‘The One Element’ and ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ include success stories and conversations with entrepreneurs.

If you're starting your coaching career, you can download Mike Driggers’ free e-book, “Influential Marketing Secrets,” which he describes as a “know-all short report on influential marketing.” This e-book gives you concrete steps on how to find your niche in an oversaturated market and also gives you an idea of the knowledge you can expect to gain from Mike’s other authority positioning and personal branding courses.

“What is it that holds you from achieving greatness? Does greatness just come to those struck by lightning, or did they just hit a magic lucky streak? What makes people achieve everything they want out of life? Throughout Mike’s courses, books, and speaking events, you will discover what has been hiding inside you all along. Gain access to the key fundamentals, principles, and new ideas that will guide you through any obstacle in life and will make you a leader,” a representative said.

Mike Driggers believes that authority positioning and personal branding are critical when establishing your career as a coach because it cultivates credibility and trust, which is particularly crucial when you want to carve out a place in a specific niche or market. People are naturally inclined to engage with and buy from individuals or organizations they view as experts or leaders in their respective fields.

With intense competition in an attention-driven economy, a clear personal brand and recognized authority can help you stand out. With Driggers' courses, you can perfect your brand and make it a unique combination of your attributes, skills, experiences, and values so you become memorable and relatable to your target audience. Moreover, being viewed as an authority grants you the power of influence. As an influencer and thought leader, you can shape public opinion, drive trends, and, from a business standpoint, guide consumer behavior toward your products or services.

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