Bronx NYC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer and Manhattan Auto Injury Attorney

Apr 13, 2020

For your pedestrian and automotive injury needs, visit the website or call RMK Injury Law’s number (212) 421-0300 today.

Accidents involving cars or pedestrians are events that are all too familiar with people in the city of New York. The presence of so many people and vehicles within the limits of Manhattan or the Bronx provides so many chances of these accidents occurring at any time. No matter the many safety measures required for movement on city streets, cars can bump into pedestrians and cause injury. The number of accidents involving vehicles in NYC is nearly a quarter of a million annually. It involves not only motorists but also pedestrians and even people on bicycles. More than 600 of these happen every day throughout New York City, and 20% and 16% occur in Manhattan and the Bronx, respectively.

The pedestrians involved have recourse to injury suits against drivers, and should be able to get compensation for lost income due to treatment and rehabilitation and other damages. The injuries can range from minor to major and can even be the cause of death, but who pays the bills? This makes the option for getting the services of a top Manhattan or Bronx NYC pedestrian and automotive injury attorney a no-brainer. Depending on where the accident happened, anything from city ordinances or state laws are things that can affect the outcome of a case, and a good personal injury attorney with an expertise in vehicle accidents involving pedestrians can definitely help you out.

The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny is one of the best firms that can handle a personal injury lawsuit. With decades of experience and deep empathy for victims of accidents of personal injuries, Richard Kenny considers helping the unfortunate in these circumstances a life-long advocacy. He has seen how personal injuries can affect families based on his own experience. Coming from the working class, his preference is for helping out ordinary citizens and workers who are involved in accidents and need the law on their side. A free consultation for automotive injury cases is a standard for Richard’s commitment to helping New Yorkers in terms of law.

“The most important question to ask in the wake of a pedestrian accident is whether or not the driver of the automobile is at fault for the accident. While pedestrians are sometimes responsible for causing accidents through actions such as jaywalking, it is frequently a driver’s actions that are the real cause of a collision,” this is according to the Kenny law office. You can find more relevant information on personal injury cases, specifically ones involving cars and pedestrians, when you go to

Vehicles remain the worst hazards for pedestrians in New York, but getting topnotch injury lawyers in filing suits against errant drivers is easy enough. It becomes even more easier with Richard’s firm, because a lot of the legal experts here are dedicated auto accident attorneys. These, along with the total number of lawyers employed by the firm, have handled thousands of personal injury cases with a high percentage of success. If reviews were a measure of this, the firm regularly gets five star ratings from its satisfied clients. For your pedestrian and automotive injury needs, visit the website or call RMK Injury Law’s number (212) 421-0300 today.

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