Bronx NYC Construction injury lawyer still meeting with clients despite Covid-19

Apr 12, 2020

Construction workers injured on the job have a limited time to pursue an injury settlement. During the covid 19 quarantine in New York City, the law office of Richard M. Kenny is still working with clients remotely to get their cases moving forward.

When one thinks of New York City, one think’s of tall buildings. From the Empire State Building, to the Chrysler Building, and even the Fallen but not forgotten World Trade Towers, the skyline of New York City is one that most people recognize on site. However, those buildings obviously did not build themselves. One of the most prolific jobs in New York City is Construction, and there are many different job sites active all around the city at any given time. Home renovations in Brooklyn NYC, two new buildings going up in Queens, construction job sites are ubiquitous around the city. Unfortunately, with all of that heavy machinery and heavy lifting and coordination of hundreds of different workers, injuries do happen and when those injuries occur, it is best to immediately seek medical attention, and then talk to an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you understand what your rights are.

The law office of Richard M. Kenny is a personal injury Law Office located in Manhattan NYC, and serving all of the boroughs of New York City. Mr. Kenny's father worked construction and was injured on the job, which ultimately cost him his life, and lost him the ability to meet his grandchild. Mr. Kenny put himself through law school while working construction, and to this day carries his father's Union card in his pocket as a reminder that when he serves construction workers injured in a job site injury, he's helping to get restitution for men and women just like his father. Person injured in a construction injury accident in New York City should reach out to schedule a completely free phone consultation with Mr. Kenny or one of the attorneys at his law office. He can be reached by visiting his website or by calling (212) 421-0300. During the covid 19 quarantine, the law office of Richard M. Kenny is still working with clients. Consultations, which are free, can we had via phone call, or Skype, or what ever other means are comfortable for the client.

The law office of Richard M. Kenny has received 13 5-star reviews in Google. Here is what one of their reviewers had to say: “I had a very pleasurable experience working with Mr. Richard Kenny and the rest of his firm. I was courteously helped through one of the more troublesome points in the time of my career. I highly recommend him to anyone in search of a honest and trustworthy legal representation.”

An injury on a job site can result in a person no longer being able to work, as well as accumulating massive amounts of debt, including medical bills, therapy, and more. A spokesperson for The NYC Construction Injury Law Office of Richard M. Kenny had this to say: “If you have been injured in a construction accident, call us. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the quarantine and everything else that's going on here in NYC, call us. We can help you take the steps that are necessary to get the ball rolling on processing and ultimately winning a significant settlement. We've won multimillion-dollar settlement for a client's and we never charge an upfront fee, we only get paid when we win for you.” Mr. Kenny and his firm can be reached at Free Personal Injury Attorney Consultation | Richard M. Kenny Law - NYC or by calling 212-421-0300.

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