Bring Visual Merchandising Pros To Your NYC Store With Expert Fashion Recruiters

Nov 6, 2022

Want to attract traffic to your New York store in Q4 with visual merchandising that’ll stand out from the competition? Emerging Blue brings you talented creatives with experience in making dynamic displays!

Bring Visual Merchandising Pros To Your NYC Store With Expert Fashion Recruiters

Holiday shoppers expect your New York store to go all out in crafting a visual merchandising extravaganza - win them over with staff that know how to make displays that dazzle. It all starts with Emerging Blue, connecting you with top-of-the-line talent with skills to match!

Emerging Blue’s services are specifically geared toward the rapid identification of suitable candidates with relevant skill sets. With access to a nationwide pool of premium talent, the agency turns the spotlight on New York City as it works to connect your company with the fashion and product-experienced staff you need.

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With its services, spanning searches for both freelancers and contracted teams, the company delivers efficient hiring solutions that remove the inherent stress of recruitment. Emerging Blue can link you up with ideal short-term temps with the skills and schedules suited for the unique demands associated with holiday shopping in NYC. No question, they’ll get your eye-catching store displays up and running.

Central to Emerging Blue’s philosophy is its commitment to matching clients with candidates who share common values. If your New York company needs and cherishes visual merchandising talent, these recruiting services are perfect for you.

Introducing themselves to New York clients, an Emerging Blue representative said: “We connect with each client on a one-on-one basis - and we dive in deep to understand their product, culture, and people.”

Focusing on visual merchandising, the company's recruiters can search its applicant databases for those with in-demand skills suited to your luxury New York boutique. With a network that gathers top local creatives, Emerging Blue aims to help you significantly boost your retail and pop-up operations.

What’s more, Emerging Blue also offers a full-service recruitment partnership program that includes the ongoing support of its team. Known as EB 360, the program is designed to provide you with expert strategic assistance and resources throughout the hiring process - spanning talent acquisition and candidate evaluation.

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“The team at Emerging Blue has helped make our continued growth possible,” said one client. “Not only do they know the skillset we’re looking for in employees, but they understand our culture in a way that enables them to find people who are ready and excited to join our team.”

’Tis the season to be jolly, but your store needs more than a few boughs of holly - bring in visual merchandising experts to boost your retail performance over the holidays.

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