Breaking Down Benefits Of 2024’s Best Vagus Nerve Stimulator For Stress Relief

Mar 26, 2024

Looking for a way to curb your stress and anxiety without the nasty side effects? Pulsetto’s cutting-edge vagus nerve stimulation device is designed to promote complete physical and mental relaxation by activating your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

We've all heard how damaging stress can be for our health. But, when you're in the midst of it, finding a way to relax without turning to addictive pharmaceutical drugs can feel impossible.

With the Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulation device, you can tap into your body's natural relaxation system to relieve stress and anxiety from the inside out, with no nasty side effects!

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The Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulator is a sleek, compact device that you can wear around the back of your neck for fast relaxation while continuing to complete everyday tasks or at the end of your hectic day.

What The Heck Is The Vagus Nerve?

The vagus nerve has a direct effect on heart rate, immune responses, mood, and other key bodily systems. It is basically the #1 communicator between your body and your mind and is responsible for telling you how to respond to stress and emotional strife.

During times of heightened stress, your body can enter into what is referred to as a fight-or-flight response, causing your sympathetic nervous system to overreact. This overreaction often leads to increased heart rate, emotional distress, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, and even digestive problems.

The vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system are true heroes that can swoop in to return your body to a balanced, more relaxed state after the perceived threat (or just plain work stress) has passed. It is believed that stimulating the vagus nerve can help encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to override the fight-or-flight response and calm your mind and body down.

When stress feels like a constant, your body can get locked into this heightened fight-or-flight mode, but intentional vagus nerve stimulation can help set it straight. This is where Pulsetto comes in!

This unique device generates subtle electric pulses that are intended to help your brain stem relax by way of the vagus nerve, which is the main component of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Pulsetto Vs. Pharmaceuticals

While many people rely on prescription pharmaceutical drugs to reduce anxiety or mitigate stress, those substances can cause potentially negative side effects and long-term dependence. Anti-anxiety medications can also result in intense withdrawal symptoms should a patient decide to stop their use. As someone who's tried a lot of different types of anti-anxiety pills, I know firsthand what an emotional rollercoaster they can be; one I'd never like to ride again, please and thank you!

With its vagus nerve stimulator, Pulsetto strives to offer an equally effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, without the side effects or danger of dependence. Most people feel an incredible sense of calm in less than 10 minutes and note that it spreads throughout the body and mind, for absolute relaxation.

What's Included

Purchasing a Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulator means you'll also receive access to the company's easy-to-use smartphone app, which you can use to change between five different operating modes: stress, anxiety, pain control, sleep, and burnout.

You'll also receive a charging cable for the wellness device, an electrode gel that is to be applied to your neck beneath the vagus nerve stimulator, and a comprehensive, super easy-to-read user manual.

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