Blacstone Entertainment’s “Unplugged” EP Includes Live Coffee Shop Performance

Sep 19, 2023

The latest release from Blacstone Entertainment, owned by musicians Eric and Steven Almond, captures a live, acoustic performance of three original R&B songs. Immerse yourself in the hometown, coffee shop vibes by purchasing “Unplugged” today.

Imagine a night of fresh coffee, unending laughter, and catchy tunes. Now imagine being able to experience that time and time again, at home or on the go, any time of day. Blacstone Entertainment's new EP delivers the experience of live music straight to you, so you can enjoy the acoustic sounds of coffee shop music anywhere and any time you want.

The new EP includes three songs performed by international music duo The Almond Brothers during a live session at a hometown coffee shop in June 2018. The featured tracks include “Maybe We Should,” “Matrimony,” and “Surrender All.” All songs were recorded live and mixed by Kyle “Broadway” Barnes of Broadway Barnes Productions.

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The song “Matrimony,” Blacstone’s most successful song to date, is a previously released track, but appears on the EP in a fresh, acoustic rendition. In fact, "Unplugged" captures The Almond Brother's only acoustic performance, available to you at only $3.99.

All songs on the “Unplugged” EP were recorded during the “Hometown Rhythms Local Showcase,” which featured musical artists like Josue Posada, Aaron Richard, Tim Moore, Scarlett Saturn, and Blacstone. All artists were accompanied by Robert Tucker, who is listed as a producer on the EP.

The EP captures the hometown feel of the showcase, complete with introductions by The Almond Brothers and the enthusiastic applause of the audience after each performance. The album successfully delivers the immersive experience of live music, so you can escape the stress of everyday life and plug into a magical night of acoustic tunes.

Every purchase of the “Unplugged” EP by Blacstone includes unlimited streaming through the Bandcamp app (which is free to use!) as well as high-quality downloads of all three songs in various formats, including MP3 and FLAC, for superior sound quality.

About Blacstone Entertainment

Created by Eric and Steven Almond, Blacstone Entertainment offers guidance and support for emerging artists striving to make music that inspires and uplifts audiences. Drawing from their two decades of experience in the music industry, the brothers and partners specialize in the R&B/Soul genre, with influences from Gospel Music.

The acronym BLACSTONE represents the company’s mission: “believing life allows creative souls to overcome negative energy.” With their latest release of the “Unplugged” EP, Blacstone continues to produce wholesome, inspirational music suitable for all ages.

Partners Eric and Steven Almond said: “BLACSTONE Entertainment is here to establish themselves as a platform for conservative, wholesome, and traditional entertainment.”

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