Bioavailable Liquid Oxygen Therapy is known to Promote Healthy Teeth & Gums

Nov 23, 2022

Do you want to get whiter teeth without relying on hydrogen peroxide or other harmful chemicals? Iamoxygen’s cellular renewal infusion is chemical free and can naturally balance the pH levels in your mouth!

Bioavailable Liquid Oxygen Therapy is known to Promote Healthy Teeth & Gums

Daily dental detoxification and oral health practices do not have to involve caustic chemicals or gum irritation - the cellular renewal therapy concentrate from Iamoxygen may dispel oral toxins and support your vitamin intake!

The alternative health brand’s cruelty-free liquid oxygen concentrate has been formulated using pH-balancing ingredients that can support your oral and dental health.

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Iamoyxgen’s Cellular Renewal Infusion is known to have teeth-whitening effects given its abundance of oxygen and pH-balancing properties that can neutralize your oral acidity and eradicate toxins. Moreover, it is free from hydrogen peroxide and chlorine-bound oxygen molecules that could be toxic or caustic to your enamel due to their high pH levels.

Due to their abilities to dispel ROS (reactive oxygen species), oxygen and ozone therapeutic techniques have been employed in the field of medical dentistry for over hundred years.

For results in 7 days, this oxygen therapy Infusion can be placed under your tongue twice a day or mixed with an ounce of water for an on-the-go supplement to your body’s natural detoxification processes. It was created by the bio-oxidative therapy experts at Iamoxygen to fortify your body’s essential vitamin and nutrient intake processes for healthy teeth and gums.

It contains 350,0000ppm of bioavailable active oxygen that has been dissolved and stabilized in saline for easy absorption and potential antimicrobial properties believed to support teeth whitening. The active oxygen (O4) ingredient is essential for metabolic function and cellular renewal and enables your body to flush out harmful toxins.

Given their gentle, organically sourced ingredients, the infusions, sprays, and internal therapies can be used no matter your age to optimize your blood oxygen levels, support your immunity, and aid your mental clarity.

In addition to committing to vegan and cruelty-free practices, Iamoxygen has taken measures to minimize its environmental impact and reduce its plastic waste.

As such, it currently packages its range in 95% plastic-free materials and has been inspired to convert all of its remaining plastic usage to hemp-derived products by 2025. The alternative health brand’s entire collection of ozone, bio-oxidative, and oxygen therapy products is produced in a GMP (good manufacturing practice) facility in the US under stringent quality control.

Iamoxygen is the vegan and cruelty-free health brand pioneering on-the-go ozone and oxygen therapies - go to to learn more!

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