Encourage Nasal Purifying On Your Trip Abroad With This Liquid Oxygen Infusion

Feb 25, 2023

Are you planning to go to college out of state or to travel abroad? Protect your immune system and cleansing processes while away from home with Iamoxygen’s active oxygen infusion!

Encourage Nasal Purifying On Your Trip Abroad With This Liquid Oxygen Infusion

Cleanse away pathogens and pollutants from your body with just a few drops of this infusion under your tongue - order this stabilized bio-oxidative concentrate from Iamoxygen to promote the natural processes of your body!

Their cruelty-free and vegan oxygen formula is ideal if you are a student and you want to boost your natural immunity levels before and during foreign travels.

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Containing 100% organic, plant-derived ingredients, the sublingual internal therapy liquid delivers 350,000 ppm of active oxygen molecules directly to your bloodstream.

By optimizing your oxygen levels, Infusion-Cellular Renewal Therapy encourages your body to naturally dispel free radicals and ROS (reactive oxygen series), a toxic compound known to degrade cell membranes. As such, it oxygenates your cells and prevents anaerobic toxins from thriving in your body’s tissues, which would otherwise lead to lethargy and an increased likelihood of illness.

Traveling abroad or going to college for the first time can expose you to a range of pathogens, such as common pollutants and disease-causing viruses and bacteria. As such, Iamoyxgen created its stabilized bio-oxidative internal therapy infusion to support your cellular immunity and optimize nutrient intake while you are away from home.

Once dropped under your tongue, the bioavailable, stabilized oxygen formula delivers a concentrated dose of oxygen that enhances your immune function throughout the day. Moreover, it can increase your body’s natural oxygen reserves which are critical for optimal brain function and mental clarity, thus helping you if you are attending college classes or navigating foreign cities.

The liquid supplement has been formulated without using any synthetic chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. Iamoxygen recommends you place up to 30 drops under the tongue between 2 and 3 times a day. Alternatively, you can it to a water bottle to balance your oxygen levels while on the go or at the gym.

You can use it in conjunction with Iamoxygen’s range of other bio-oxidative products for enhanced health while traveling, including its pH-balancing nasal spray and its antioxidant-rich facial toning mist. All of the brand’s oxygen therapies are vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% organic. Its products are packaged in 95% plastic-free materials and manufactured in a GMP facility in the US.

Iamoxygen has unlocked the power of oxygen therapy at home and beyond - pack the cellular renewal infusion when you travel abroad or leave for college!

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