Best Bio-Oxidative Facial Toner For Giving Hydrating Facials On Sensitive Skin

Mar 8, 2023

Are you an aesthetician who wants to provide your clients with all-natural moisturizing facials that can treat acne and improve skin elasticity? IAmOxygen’s Rejuvenator is exactly what you need!

Best Bio-Oxidative Facial Toner For Giving Hydrating Facials On Sensitive Skin

As someone with extra sensitive skin, I am super careful about what I put on my face. Alcohol? Hydrogen peroxide? Parabens? No, thank you!

More and more people seem to be realizing that the weird side effects of traditional facials are not worth the risk.

To help mindful aestheticians keep up with the increasing demand for natural, organically sourced facial treatments, IAmOxygen created Rejuvenator - Skin Cell Therapy spray! This bio-oxidative facial toner contains 350,000pm of pure stabilized active oxygen and Atlantic sea salt, without any additional chemicals or alcohol.

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✦ The Old-School Facial ✦

For people with sensitive or acne-prone skin, traditional facial products can cause further damage or even painful reactions. Unnatural chemicals in some facials can inflame acne even more, making it that much more visible and uncomfortable.

Facial treatments containing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can result in irritation and itching, increased redness, and blotching of the skin. Often, the intense chemicals in traditional facials can disturb the skin's pH balance and strip your face of its natural, essential oils.

✦ The New-School Facial ✦

Rejuvenator - Skin Cell Therapy helps to restore a healthy pH balance on your skin. With only two all-natural ingredients-- oxygen and sea salt-- it does not strip the skin's natural oils but rather absorbs lightly into your skin to encourage cellular renewal. By increasing cellular metabolism, Rejuvenator facial toner helps to soothe your irritation and inflammation.

Since it is ultra-moisturizing, Rejuvenator - Skin Cell Therapy mist helps to combat the creation of fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases collagen production in the skin, which improves skin elasticity and gives you and your clients a youthful glow.

✦ About IAmOxygen ✦

IAmOxygen has a vision of bringing the benefits of bio-oxidative, ozone, and oxygen therapies to consumers around the globe. The company strives to be environmentally sustainable, using packaging that is 90% plastic free. IAmOxygen's products are non-toxic and do not use hydrogen peroxide or chlorine-bound oxygen molecules, making them all-natural and safe for the entire family. All consumers ordering from within the U.S. can enjoy free shipping through the online store.

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